Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where are the Dream State Funkeys?

Oh where, oh where are the Dream State Funkeys?

Oh where, oh where could they be?

With Daydream Oasis and Nightmare Rift,

Oh where, oh where could they be?

I am so ready for the Dream State singles to arrive at the stores that I started singing this song the other day. (If you haven't noticed it already, it goes to the tune of "oh where could my little dog be"!)
Has anyone found the Dream State singles yet anywhere? Please let us know when you do!
So far all anyone has seen is the new Dream State hub with Bones & Drift. Toys R Us is still the best place to get them. There are some selling on Ebay at higher prices than TRU. is selling them, but I have heard reports of mix ups, and the buyers are receiving the original hubs instead of Dream State. Perhaps the sellers weren't aware of the differences? Be careful of which sellers you buy from through Amazon. Does anyone have any favorite sellers they can recommend?


Vroominator said...

cool! i just completed my speed racer collection but i STILL don't have the update!!!!(ANOYING!)
I don't know if you can find this out or not but does the dream state starter kit come with the speed racer update?
I am going CRAZY searching the web to find help.
since im in australia the phone no wont work and we've tried the driver patch and it doesn't work either... this is so annoying. I hope that you can help!

Robyn said...

Hi Vroominator,I found a phone number in the back of the instruction booklet for Australia. Maybe this will help. Consumer Advisory Service - 1300 135 312

Please let me know if that helps. If not, I'll call the US helpline & see what they say.

Anonymous said...

IT is called daydream valley no instead of daydream oasis.

Robyn said...

Yeah, that is confusing me, but I thought "Oasis" sounded better in the song! I seriously thought that through!
But the new hub package says both Daydream Oasis & Daydream Valley! In two different places, both on the back of the packaging. So until I see it for myself, I'll probably keep typing both. :)

funkster said...

I found a hub with funkeys that have acsess to the nightmare rift but it's coming soon... so you can't buy it yet.

Vroominator said...

I got the updates to work but they are on my old and SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW computer... the reason for that is simple: You need internet connected by cable.........
you can get them like this:
Tiki and Stich
Lotus and Twinx
Fallout and Wisabi
Glub and Sprout
and one more thing... in australia we are getting ripped off buying hubs!!!! in the US they are 20 Australian Dollars and over here ther are 50 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS!!!!
well that's all for now!

lilaq said...

there here !!!! i found the dreamstate funkeys yayayayayyayayay i got them all now but still need the upgrade 4 the dreamstae oises and i got the dot spot upgrade but i go to the place where the dot spot shpuld be but its not there and same thing with the trophy thing on the top of this page i dont have that someone hep me please!!!!!