Sunday, March 30, 2008

UB Funkey Speed Racer First Look Inside Royalton Racing Complex

Now that we have Snake Oiler, we are inside Royalton Racing Complex!

Here are some first observations when we first went in:

* There are no henchmen, but there is a game similar to the new henchman game. When your Funkey is walking around, be careful crossing the race track. If he gets hit by a passing race car, a game pops up that you need to play in order to keep your coins. You'll use your arrow keys to hop out of the way of the race cars, or loose some coins!

*Inside Royalton Industries Building, there is a book with "driver files" that lists each of the new Speed Racer Funkeys with their bios and pictures showing the normal and Very Rare. The book is located on the top level in Royalton Labs. To get there, your Funkey needs to go inside the Royalton Industries Building which is located at the top right of the map (there's a green dot marking it on the map). Your Funkey will automatically take the escalator up. Then take the elevator to the upper floor and enter Royalton Labs.

* There is a washing station in the Royalton Racing Complex. It is located to the far left, marked by a water drop on the map. I won't say what it is or how it washes your Funkey because that will be fun for you to discover yourself!
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Anonymous said...

Do you have to have a speed racer hub to use a speed racer coz iv herd rumors that you can use the normal hub for a speed racer.
Is this true if anyone knows please comment on that and tell me,
thank you.

Robyn said...

You don't need to have the Speed Racer Hub in order to play the speed racer games.
Trixie, Racer X, Snake Oiler & Cannonball Taylor will work on the original hub. However, so far the only way to get Speed Racer & Chim-Chim is to buy them with the Speed Racer Hub. But they will work in any hub.