Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dot Spot ~ Update 3.05

We got another update today, 3.05, The Dot Spot.

This is very interesting because I didn't think Dot was coming out anytime soon.

If you haven't found it yet, The Dot Spot is in Funkeystown, near the Fish Fountain. I included a map with the picture so you can see the large red diamond showing the location of The Dot Spot.

Were any of you surprised to see this today?

This is a good time to remind everyone to make a backup copy of your U.B. Funkey game files. If it has been a while, it's also good to do it again if you made progress in the game since the last backup.
SPOILER warning........Picture below.........If you want to be surprised later, don't scroll down..............
Here's a picture of Dot's game. I'm not sure of the details yet, but it looks like it should be fun.


Anonymous said...

I upgraded to Dot Spot, and now
my USBFunkeys is no longer functioning.

Whenever I open USBFunkeys, I get a windows that is White within, and locks up my computer.

Any solution to this?

And no I did not make a backup
of my game prior to the Update :(

prolo245 said...

what can you do at the dot spot???

prolo245 said...

over at the speakeasy site it says that " the exclusive ladybug to be coming out in diego comic con""

does that mean nowhere else but there will get it??

Robyn said...

anonymous ~ I posted a reply under "how to back up your files". But someone else will reply too!
This is the first I've heard of this specific problem, I hope it's resolved soon.

Robyn said...

Prolo245 ~ Good questions! I hope someone comes by here who knows the answer!
As for what you can do at Dot Spot, it's Dot's game & mart place. I just added a picture of the game to my blog post.

prolo245 said...

are there any pictures of dot as a character??

Pteprocks said...

Does this update fix the Unique Funkey Name? Just making sure.

Robyn said...

I thought there was a different update to fix that, but I never got it. I read that some people got it, others didn't. It was supposed to be about a week before the Dot update.
Does anyone else know? If not, maybe the next time one of us is on the phone with the Tech support people, we can ask this question too.