Saturday, July 12, 2008

How to backup your UB Funkey games files

*** After the 3.2 Update, this might not be necessary with the game files stored on the Mattel server ***
I don't know any details about this since the update hasn't worked for us yet, but I will continue to edit this as I learn more.

You've probably heard the warning before from others to backup your user files before you download an update, or you might have learned from experience like I did and lost your files.
I realize this is long overdue on this blog to give some step-by-step directions on how, and many people have asked, so I'll give it a shot.

Basically you just want to make a copy of the file named "profile.rdf" (and users.rdf) for your username. I just copy the entire "data" folder in a new place so I have a copy in case I need to replace it after an update.

{note: please see comment section, some good information from Revvinon.}

Where do you find this data folder? You can do a search to find it on your hard drive, or look under "Program Files" on your hard drive (C drive):

Program Files/ UBFunkeys/Radica Game/Data/ (then you will see the list of all your usernames & a "system" folder)

[Vista users ~ please see this post. There is a different directory to find the data files that you want to copy]

It's probably best to save your copy to an external source such a disk or flash drive. That will safeguard you against any PC problems, even outside of the UBFunkey updates. Computers are known to crash for other reasons.

But to keep it simple, you can create a new folder in your Program Files. This has worked for me so far. (This post will be a work in progress as I come back to make it clearer and add some screen shot pictures. Comments are welcome to help me make it clearer for all levels of computer users. Thanks!)
Create a new folder, under Program files and call it UBFunkeys Backup Files (or whatever you choose). Then copy the data file from the Radica Game folder. Then paste it over to your new folder called Backup Files (or whatever you named it).

IF you need to restore your files later, simply copy that profile.rdf from your backup folder and paste it (replace) in the folder called "data", under the correct username. You'll also want the users.rdf file. Please see the comment by Revvinon in the comment section


Vroominator said...

thanks!!! i really needed that!!!!! now i can get the updates without losing my files!!!

(sorruy if there are any typos... my gloves are thikc!)

revvinon said...

You also need the users.rdf file that is located My computer>C: drive>Program Files>U.B. Funkeys>RadicaGame>data>system
The users.rdf file has the login information that goes with the player data files. If you don't have the users.rdf file you will need to create a player that needs to have the EXACT information for the username, password, hint question and hint answer. If you need to create the new player - DON'T put your player data folder back into the game files until after you create the player because it will put a file in there with that players name in there which will overwrite the player folder you saved.

Robyn said...

Thanks for that, Revvinon.
It's Revvinon to the rescue! When I restored my game, it appeared to work with just the profile.rdf, but I did it for just one username (don't remember why, but I only lost the data for one). Perhaps that's why I didn't need users.rdf since the current file was okay.
I'll come back & revise some of my instructions.
THANK YOU so much! I'm sure your comment will help alot of people!

revvinon said...

Also I back-up the entire RadicaGame folder before an update just in case it does not work correctly. That way I can 'rollback' to where it was working correctly - it will have all the updates I previously had (which is a HUGE timesaver especially with dial-up). Just un-install the game then restart your coputer and re-install the game then replace the RadicaGame folder into My Computer>C:drive>Program Files>U.B. Funkeys.

Vroominator said...

I got the update for the ub funkeys multiplayer name yesterday.

Anonymous said...


Since I updated before doing a backup of my files, whenever I attempt to launch USBFunkeys, the window surrounding the game is all white and unuseable.

Again no I did not backup anything
as I just searched / leaned about this website, after updated to Dot Spot.

Dot Spot ruined my USBFunkey!

Is there anything I can do?

Robyn said...

Vroominator ~ Do you know what the name or number of the update was? I still haven't gotten it. We got 3.05 for Dot, but not sure if it was the same update as the fix.
Okay, I just have to ask about the gloves while typing your first comment! Because it's hot here in Va! Gloves?

Robyn said...

To anonymous with the Dot Spot wipeout problem, Mattel's customer support is open today, so you might want to call them first. However, some of these problems stump them, so you came to the right place since sometimes it's the other players who come up with the solutions.
First, you can make a copy of your 'data' folder and save it somewhere else outside of the original UB Funkeys folder before you try anything (even if you are on the phone with Mattel's helpline). That way if you reinstall, you'll still have your game files set aside to try & restore later.
Good Luck. Let us know if Mattel can help. If not, we can post it on the FunkeyFanForum or other forum & get help from a wider audience.

lilaq said...

i still dont know how to backup my ub funkeys its very confusing some one help me please its to hard i tried following the directions but it just crashed the computer(not literally)