Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What's new in the world of UB Funkeys this week?

There are some little things going on in the world of UB Funkeys this week. There are little odds & ends to share, but not enough of any one topic to write about, so here is just a random list:

1. There is a new bonus code: bogglethemind2256 that will get you a foul smelling bone chair and 50 coins. Thanks to all who shared that. It appears that the original source is Cuddles who is on a couple other forums, and should get credit for being the first to report this!

2. The official date of release for the Dream State Funkeys is August 1st *, although someone on the the Speakeasy has found the Chat Funkeys at a Walmart, and someone on the forum reports finding Ptep at a Target. Not sure what's up with that! There is nothing new in the stores around us!
* (my source for the release date was a Mattel C.S. rep during a call for technical help, not inside information. Previously they would say "mid-August", so let's hope Aug. 1 is the newest date & we see them out on schedule!)

3. The pictures of the Chat Funkeys mentioned in #2 are shown in 2-packs, however "Mellafunk" of the FunkeyFanForum asked a Mattel customer support rep. about that and was assured that the Chat Funkeys will be released as singles.

4. Augiewan of the the Speakeasy has information (and pictures!) about UB Funkey Flash drives and speakers on his blog. He has reported about other products to come out such as plush Funkey characters, and the flash drives appear to be the first "non-vinyl, non-playing pieces" to hit the market.

5. Supposedly an update did come through on Sat. July 12 to fix the password problem, however I never got it.

6. I called Mattel to try to fix an "incorrect password" problem we had on one of our login names.
The customer support rep. had me email my "users.rdf" file to them. I received a quick reply via email which read:

Thank you for contacting Mattel regarding your Funkeys Software.
There are three potential causes of the error message you reported.

Currently we are experiencing an intermittent problem with our server that produces an incorrect password error. We expect a solution by July 12, 2008.
Since this problem is intermittent, you may be able to log in

Firewalls may block access to the server. If you have not
already added Funkeys as an exception to your firewall you may wish to do
so. If you have received an update in the past via the Funkeys Software,
your firewall is already configured correctly.

The error above is indistinguishable from an actual password problem, so we would like to verify that the information is correct. Please note the information

[our login names & passwords were listed here]

Please print this document and store it in a safe place.

Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to call us at 800-803-9611, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, ET, and Saturday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, ET.


Mattel Consumer Relations


My initial reaction to the email was to think it was a nice response and I appreciated receiving it, but I tried to log on again and I still get the message. But my problem is slightly different because the login name disappears when I try to log in.

I'm on my own with this problem, aren't I?


skwebber said...

Hi Robyn--

Your problem sounds exactly like mine, actually. My login name disappears when I hit the button, too. I've been trying to get help from Radica since June 18th, with all sorts of e-mails, phone calls, and unhelpful responses. I called yesterday again, and supposedly I am now on a "high priority" list, so we'll see what happens. I haven't tried what you sent me from the other message board as a solution, since I'm so petrified of losing all our stuff again. My kids have just started to make some actual progress in getting their trophies and items back. I think there would be major mutiny if we lost everything for a third time. If I end up getting some help, I will certainly share the info here. This is all a shame, since we really love Funkeys. We have one of every kind you can get! Hopefully we'll get some answers soon...

Robyn said...

I, too, am hesitant to try those steps we talked about. I don't want to take any chances of losing anything under the login names that are working. I did think of another way that might work.....but I think I'll experiment with it before I share it.

Oh, btw, there is a thread about this same specific problem on the official forum and there are quite a few folks not too happy about it.

Funkeys101 said...

I have the same problem too!

Rickard Family said...

I'm still having the same problem with one of my accounts but not others. Was there ever a resolution to the problem?

Anonymous said...

When I try doing it,it won't work at all so the company told me I had to uninstall it.For my new usernames I also got all 4 chats in my game room the username that I got it for is SHEL4,my improved site(look in grand funkey station) is SHEL2,look in my trophy room and you'll get a big surprize!