Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream State single UB Funkeys at Toys R Us

I received an email today from Joseph G. who was kind enough to share the news that he found some Dream State single Funkeys at Toys R Us. We're still not sure whether there are just a few individual stores that have put the Dream State and Chat Funkeys out in error. The latest word from Mattel is still August 1st. But I think I'll still check in on my local TRU, Walmart, and Targets!

There is one bit of advice Joseph had to share with anyone who finds a single common Ptep Funkey at Toys R Us ~ watch out that it rings up correctly. The single Ptep that he bought rang up as $16.99 which would be the price for a double pack. It appears the sku isn't coded correctly, so watch out for that so the store can correct it if it happens to you too. The sku (or UPC) for normal Ptep is 027084658651. You can also use that number if you call TRU first and ask them to look it up on their computer to see if it's in stock before you drive over there.

Thanks Joseph for that news.


Thanks also to the anonymous poster who left the comment about the Dream State singles on Ebay &
I added the widgets on the blog's sidebar showing Waggs and Vlurp. I'm not recommending that anyone pay those prices, but it is fun to look at them!

I checked out Ebay after I got the comment below, and there is a Ptep and Drift listed. So that confirms that Drift is coming out as a single. Hurray! The patience will pay off for those who didn't give in to the temptation of buying the starter hub just for Drift (but I'm not saying I blame you if you did buy it!! I completely understand!)

OH! One observation I need to share is that both the Ebay seller and Joseph are in New York. So right now it appears New York has an edge on this!


Anonymous said...

Several of the dream state funkey singles are now on Amazon and eBay but for crazy prices. $49.95 each! I have a hard time finding any funkeys, let alone dream state, at our local Toys R Us and Walmart. The selection is terrible. Target does not fare much better either. We are in CT.

Robyn said...

Thanks for the heads up, I had not seen them on Amazon or Ebay yet.

prolo245 said...

god if new york have the dge then England must be absolutley years behind

god save the queen is what i say

Anonymous said...


This site is pretty cool. It has the dream state funkeys in 4 packs and the chat funkeys. They are pre-orders but I don't mind seeing as how hard it is to find any here in CT (at least in our area). This is the link:

corduroyspocket said...

Here's a hello from central PA! Just wanted to let you know that I saw single DreamState Funkeys in my local TRU today. (They had Vlurp, Ptep, and two different Waggs.) While I was happy to see the new figures, I was unwilling to pay what they were asking for them, especially since they will wind up at Wal-Mart for about half the cost. No chat Funkeys, though.

Robyn said...

Thanks for the news on the Funkey sighting in Pa. I'm sure you know people are reading this & wondering why you didn't scoop them up! But I agree, it's hard to justify paying the higher prices. However, if they are like the Speed Racer series, I never found any of those at Walmart. For everyone who can hang on until Aug. 1st we'll probably see them at Target and possibly Walmart too.

I also heard from someone in Memphis,TN who found some at a TRU.
Now that the distribution appears to be more widespread, I'm going to get more serious about my Funkey hunt! I will probably pay a little more for maybe one or 2 at TRU!

Anonymous said...


I managed to find Waggs, Vlurp, and Ptep in a Toyrus in Southern Indiana today. They had a couple of Dream State hubs, but I couldn't justify the price..just to have Drift.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,

Found the Chat Funkeys dual packs in CT TRU today. Scooped them up so fast (they were the only ones left)! Purchased Gabby, Rom, Holler & Rewind.

Robyn said...

Thanks to everyone for the reports of Funkey sightings. This was great.
I apologize if I left anyone out on a post when I summed up where they were spotted. There was a lot of information flying around at that time & might have forgotten to look at the comments from past posts.

Anonymous said...

hey where can i buy lucky in ub funkeys