Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UB Funkeys Hidden Realm pre-order through

*******The Update 4.0 for Hidden Realm is available today, Dec 9, 2008. Please see my current post for more information: Hidden Realm....It's time! ************

Updated news: You can order the 4-pack from for $29.99. (You can go to the sidebar on the right of this blog and click on the widget)

Here is an image from Things From Another World showing the next Funkey series, Hidden Realm.
Although the website shows it as "Forbidden Realm",the official Mattel website, refers to the next series as Hidden Realm, so I'm going with that name for now.

This new series is available only as a pre-order, with the estimated release date of November 26 of this year (this date is not confirmed, I got it from the website, but I'll keep you updated when I find out more).

The Funkey names that lists are Raj, Yang, Yeti, and Kali
(please see comments, it appears Mattel has other names for them!)

Here are the pre-order prices:

$25.56 single pack

$49.58 for quad pack

$63.98 for the starter kit with hub and 2 Funkeys

Credit goes to lil t 123 for sending an email to me about this a week ago. I realize this is now old news to most of you since I had such a long delay in posting about it. I really wanted to post the above image, so waited to receive permission to use it. I hope you all like it too!

Here's a link to an earlier post showing images from Comic-con


Pteprocks said...

The official names are Raj, Yang, Bomble and Singe. Check thespeakeasy.

luckE13 said...

*coufh* wrong name *coufh*

Robyn said...

I'm just taking the names straight off the TFAW website, but the Forbidden Realm doesn't match what Mattel says either, so who knows where those names are coming from. Maybe things changed again. That has happened in the past.

lilaq said...

wait robyn there coming this november in stores or next year

Robyn said...

Lilaq ~ I haven't heard anything about when they are coming to stores. The source for the November date that I posted is the web site where it appears that is when they expect they are ready to ship for the pre-orders.
As we've learned, even when we hear release dates, they aren't always accurate. So far we've seen some series released sooner, and some we are still waiting for!!

Kiki said...

What is the fuchsia one to the left?

Anonymous said...

ive been to the hidden realm and my funky codex sais raj yang singe and bomble

Anonymous said...

uhhh...someone has the singles listed on ebay,and one is called Kali