Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Funkeys101's Slideshow of Daydream Oasis

Funkeys101 has put together a slideshow of his pictures of Daydream Oasis. You all just have to see it! If you don't already have a Funkey that goes to Daydream Oasis, I think you'll really like seeing these pictures.

But, once again, a warning that it is a spoiler if you want to wait to be surprised to see the trophy, and the item for an insane high score, and some other fun things in Daydream Oasis.

Here's the link: Funkeys101's Daydream Oasis slideshow
You can view a smaller version of the slideshow over on the right in the sidebar of this blog. I placed it further down so it won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't want to see it.

If you're like me, you'll want a Tank, Berger, Lucky, or Dyer REALLY bad after seeing those pictures. You might also start craving cake and/or ice cream!

Here's another picture from Funkeys101. This is his collection of Daydream Oasis funkeys.
He found Berger at a Target in Miami back on August 30th. That makes it the first reported Daydream Oasis Funkey found. Wow, that was a great find! So, all of you Funkey hunters in Florida, there's hope for you to find one soon! We didn't have any luck today at a Target up here in Northern Va.

Thanks, Funkeys101, for sharing your pictures!


Hailey said...

Its Hailey and u know wat i live in canada and I found a Bereger and a Vlurp at the store!!! My brother took the vlurp so i got the berger. Me and my sister share an a account and my pesky brother has his own. He wont let us use his so we need to buy ones such as Stich who we wanted.

HAILEY said...

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Have fun
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Aidan! said...

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pit272 said...

Hi its pit272 that I live in miami and where was the target you found it.