Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dream State UB Funkeys 25% off at Toys R Us tomorrow!

We just got our sale circulars for tomorrow's Washington Post. I thought I'd share that the Toys R Us sale flyer is advertising 25% on ALL Dream State Funkeys.

The sale runs from September 7 - 13, 2008

It appears that sale applies to all stores in the US. Now we'll just hope we start seeing the Daydream Oasis Funkeys there this week!


Anonymous said...

Even in * gulp *...Texas?

Annie said...

Your so lucky i live in the UK, no sale here, no dream state funkeys here!!

Anonymous said... shows a new Funkey starter kit that says pink - the ears are pink & it comes with Lucky & Twinx.

Pteprocks said...

I was gonna take advantage of this sale, but they didn't have anything interesting from Dream State. I did get a VR Flurry from there, though.

Kewl said...

You lucky Americans! There's no sale in Canada and there's not even any Funkiki Island Funkeys! I had to go on avacation to Minneapolis over the summer just to gey some!

Pteprocks said...

Guess what! I got my own Blogger account now!

simsfangeorgie said...

heya i love your page so much! I loved it even more when i heard tht you and your son play ub funkeys together! It is so wonderful!

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind in helping me, i am very new to ub funkeys and i have twinx, boggle, lotus and deuce starter pack, flurry ( which is faulty) and vroom. How do i get quests?? Do i need a speacial ub funkey for that?
Like a dream state, ive been thinking of getting one but do i need a dream state hub??

And wha are the updates?? Do i need to buy one??


I feel as if i am doing something wrong on ub funkeys and not getting full enjoyment out of the £40 i spent on them X

Yes £ i am english X

So please help me xx x x x x x x

Robyn said...

Hi Simsfangeorgie, so glad you found the blog. All the answers are somewhere in this blog or on the forum,, so you might want to look around a bit, maybe do a search for specific topis using the google search box on the sidebar.
I'll try to answer some of your questions here. You don't need a new hub. The updates come through automatically when you are connected to the internet, but some of them do need to be triggered by particular Funkeys. I think you do need a Funkiki Island Funkey (Sol, Flurry, Webley, or Nibble) to get some of the updates to come through. If Flurry isn't working, you might want to rub the bottom with a soft cloth & it might work.
If you'd like to join the FunkeyFanForum, you'll see another fan from England who posts a lot. After he gets the multiplayer Funkeys, you'd be someone in his same time zone to play against, so you'll be a good addition to the forum. Check it out if you can.