Friday, February 19, 2010

Funkey Playing party tomorrow, Sat. 2/20, Holler's chat room

Hello everyone! I hope to see you on-line tomorrow to play UB Funkeys at 11am Eastern Time (time zone conversions are listed in my previous post). We'll have additional encore playing parties at the other times listed on the poll....I'll do a post on that tomorrow afternoon, so no worries if you can't make it at 11am.

If my Funkey phone works in my crib, Liam & I would like to see how many people we can invite over at the same time! That would be funny to see a whole bunch of Funkeys walking around in there!
If you come over, you might not see many tropheys or gems because I lost everything way back before Mattel started backing up our progress on their server. I never built it back up, and we always played on Liam's login, so he has all the trophys.

Holler Chat Room will be the main meeting place, and Rom's will be the secondary one for anyone who doesn't have Rom, or justs wants to go there too!

For a list of some Unique Funkey names to try in addition to anyone you might see in the chat room, please see the comment section of my last post, and also in the post before that. Our UFN is Funkeysrfun.