Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UB Funkey playing party this Saturday at 11 am Eastern time

Let's have a party this Saturday, Feb. 20, at 11am Eastern time (8am Pacific). That is the time currently ahead in the poll. Keep voting and perhaps we can add another time so someone isn't left out who would like the opportunity to play against other people.

I've added a new poll so you can indicate which Chat Funkeys you have so that you have access to that chat room. Please vote for every chat funkey that you have.
Holler's chat room will be the main meeting place since that is so easy to get to in Funkeystown. Rom's chat room can be the secondary room to go to if you don't have a Holler.

If you don't have any chat funkeys, that's okay, you don't need to meet up in chat room in order to add buddies to your list. You can also try typing names in your buddy list to see if they're on-line. Please leave a comment with your Unique Funkey name if you want to share itor put it on the Funkey Fan Forum.
I'll list the ones I have before Saturday.

Here is a list of what time it will be in other time zones:

Central (US): 10am
Mountain (US): 9am
England & Ireland: 4pm
France: 5pm

Unfortunately, it will be in the middle of the night in Australia (3am), New Zealand, so we'll need to set up another time if there are players who want to join in at a better time.


Anonymous said...

My user name is ptepnative. I'll try to be on Saturday at 11 eastern for the party!

102 said...

I`ll try 2 be there. My UFN is ub105.

What Chat room are we meeting in?