Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Please join the Funkey Fan Forum

There are a few regulars over on the Funkey Fan Forum and they're a little lonely over there. Please come visit and say "hi", or if you can answer any of the unanswered questions, that would be very appreciated.

Here's the link:
Funkey Fan Forum

I know it's not as fancy as the Speakeasy forum, I can try to work on that sometime soon.
It's okay to visit both forums!

I need to say a huge THANK YOU! to Akaabbey for keeping up with the Funkey Fan Forum as an administrator. I haven't been around much but she's stuck with in and checks in to make sure it stays kid-friendly and helps to answer questions.

Thanks everyone!

If anyone has any news on the future of the Funkeys, please share! I haven't been looking for news lately, but I plan to start digging up what I can soon.
THANKS to Daffyjeeps for his email. He emailed me about the UBFunkey official website closing. I hadn't heard that yet.
I'm sure there must be buzzing over at the Speakeasy, but I haven't checked there in a very long time. And if you share information, you can say if you heard from over there and I'll post that too!


savior ice barrier neos said...

iv'e found dc heroes package. it looks like paradox green but with organe color. its been told it got canceled...

savior ice barrier neos said...

dont worry i joined.

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Thanks! We're glad to have you there.
Oh, is that Neos? I get thrown off when I see different variations of your name. Was that you who posted the picture over on the forum? I hadn't seen that yet, I'd like to put up that picture. It's probably on your blog, right?

savior ice barrier neos said...

ill show it today mrs. ;)

apryl8 said...

Why are the funkey forums closed on mattels website? Anyone know?

akaabbey said...

Thanks Robyn - see that you have been busy over in the forum - I will try to get back in