Friday, February 5, 2010

UB Funkey party tomorrow, anyone?

Hi everyone! Let's have a Funkey multi-player game party tomorrow, Sat. Feb. 6.

There are 2 ways I can think of to do this - Either list each other Funkey names and we can add each other when we're on. OR meet in a chat room, but that would require the particular Funkey, right?

I think I saw that Pteprocks planned a party on New Year's Eve (awesome idea) did that work out? Did meeting in a chat room work best?

Unless I post something different, how about we try to be on at 11am Eastern time (8am pacific), and again at 2pm (11am Pacific). And for those who can't make it, maybe just check in on the hour at different times tomorrow and hopefully others will do the same.

If you plan to participate, please leave a comment with your Funkey name and which game you want to play if you have a preference. And also if you have the Funkey for the game, or if you need someone with it to invite you to play.

Spread the word!


tiger190 said...

Glad to see you posting again, UBF Blogger Mom! My unique funkey name is Daydreamoasisportal. I'm hoping I can be there at the party. I have central time zone, so what time would that be? I'll try to be there. My grandma's coming, so I may not be there. It depends. ;)
tiger190, lover of tigers :D
(and penguins)

Rebsingh said...

Hey Robyn! I have an idea :D

To make sure everyone that is there isnt lost or anything, we can host the REAL chatting at my website chat!

Im not trying to advertise I just thought it was a good idea. :D

Pteprocks said...

Hi! Long time no see. I haven't been on in a while but Neos123141 just linked me here again, and I think I'll come to the party if I can make it-- My UFN is Pteprocks.

The New Year's party didn't go as well this year as it did last year. But last year was a big success so I thought it would work again... I guess more and more people are quitting funkeys.

savior ice barrier neos said...

ill send some people to come. my name in funkeys is neos123141.

savior ice barrier neos said...

oh by the way, pteprocks' party didnt go so well... people foregot to come thats why...

jairo m. said...

ill try to come, ya:D
my funkey name is "jairom1242"

carabu said...

I'll try to come too! My UFN is...*drumroll* CARABU! That was pretty obvious though,lolz. :P