Saturday, February 20, 2010

We were tardy for the party!

Sorry if we missed anyone, we were about 15 minutes late getting on today. We still found enough friends in Funkeystown to keep us busy playing and "partying" for a couple hours!

I now realize there are limitations to the party plan of meeting up in the chat room and then inviting Funkeys to your crib. Then everyone leaves the chat room and we're not there for any new arrivals. I apologize if you got there and we weren't there, but we popped back in every once in a while.

If anyone was left out and disappointed they didn't have anyone to play against, please leave a comment with your Funkey name, and also if any of the other times later today or tomorrow work for you to try again (listed in the poll on the side bar). We'll make every effort to come back.


Bethany said...

unfortunenatly, some kiwi kids like me, got all excited when we read there was a party, when we read on it had to be with chat funkeys!

everybody who has one is lucky.
by the way if your a kiwi commenting, just wondering, where did you get your chat funkeys?

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Hi Bethany, thanks so much for all your comments. Glad to hear you'd want to join in, that will encourage me to set up another party. You don't need a chat funkey to join in. You can also just try adding the other player Unique Funkey Names of those who left their names in the comment section or on the Funkey Fan Forum. I didn't get a chance to add a consolidated list to my blog post, but I'll try harder to do that next time. If you're on someone's buddy list and they invite you to their crib, then you might see a party going on in their (a bunch of other Funkeys) and then you can add them to your list. Then you'll have a bunch of players on-line to play against.
I hope that helps, and perhaps you can try to join us next time.

Anonymous said...


the theam intro music for the story clips ex.the dream cetcher,jem,jerry.has changed!!!!