Saturday, February 6, 2010

UB Funkey party today!

Hello everyone!

** Just want to say sorry to everyone who wanted to come to my crib today....the Funkey cell phone wasn't working so I couldn't invite anyone in. Just want to let you know I didn't do that on purpose! **

We'll be back on Funkeys playing 2:00 Eastern time this afternoon (for just a little while) and then again around 5:00 Eastern (2:00 pacific).

We can't stay long for 2:00, but maybe there will be others to play against. We have 26 inches of snow and it's still coming down! So we have a lot of shoveling to do and I haven't started my part yet! I'll try to post pictures later...they are calling this the Snowmageddon.

Here are the Funkey names to look for and play against (add a comment if you want us to find you as well or you can add it to the forum so it shows up immediately funkeyfanforum:

Pteprocks is Pteprocks

neos is neos123141

jairo is jairom1242

Rebsingh is Rishi517

Tiger190 is

carabu is carabu

Liam & I will take turns on Funkeysrfun

We can try the web chat on Rebsingh's web site to chat simultaneously: . There is more of a party going on in that chat box then on UB Funkeys!

Also, we can use ROM's chat room for anyone who wants to meet there if we don't have your Funkey name listed.

Hope to see you on-line!


Rebsingh said...

Ok. The site is up and running

You need to make yourself over 13.

Now, my UFN is rishi517.

Im online right now :D

danielthefunkey said...

I love your blog! You are very good at rastroids. When I play the computer they jump off the platforms. Like I said, huge fan of your blog.

savior ice barrier neos said...

im not sure if i can make it because i uninstalled funkeys.

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Thanks Danielthefunkey! I played Dyer's game, then Liam got on for Rastroids. We switch off depending on which games we like. He does all of the Funkey Fighters. I like Dyer's game, Sushishowdown, Bombastic Billiards.
We'll be back on at 5!
Thanks for playing!

jairo m. said...

well i mist the first time because i live in a pacific time zone. hopefully ill get it fight this time, palm springs, cal is pacific time zone, right?

UBF Blogger Mom said...

yes, pacific time

jairo m. said...

wow you were really good at bombtastic billards and dyers game! but i mest up when i scored you a point! lol

UBF Blogger Mom said...

YOU were good! It was so close, and then you won because I scratched when I missed the 8 ball. Rats! Good game.

Rebsingh said...

Aww Robyn I missed it :(

How about we schedule in advance. Like a week in advance :D

So we can get lots of people in on it.

Sounds like a plan!!!

See ya next time!

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Yes, let's do it again and plan in advance. We could try for this weekend, but that's not too far in advance. I'll put up a poll and see what people think.

Anonymous said...

Can you please make another funkey planet blog chat the last one was awesome