Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Breaking News! Speed Racer Raceway updates!

The updates for Speed Racer are coming through now when you log into U.B. Funkeys. Be sure you are connected to the internet. Liam explored around Funkeystown after we downloaded the updates and found 2 entrances at the top which were stone walls previously. They are located above the Museum Mask Mayhem game. You can actually go into one of the entrances, the one to the left, Royalton Racing Complex Grandstands, and wander around just a bit. It is just enough of a tease to make you want more! You can uncover just a tiny portion of the new map. Of course we cannot enter the Royalton Racing Complex Entrance yet until we get the Speed Racer Funkeys, which Liam thinks he needs now!

Looks like Mattel is getting us revved up (yes, pun intended!) for the release of the new Speed Racer Funkeys, which are scheduled for an April release........that's coming very soon!!!!

And not a moment too soon to spark the excitement. We have one of each Funkey available so far, and played them all. So now that Liam has been home sick for a couple days, he has wandered over to check out Club Penguin (doesn't compare to U.B. Funkeys in my opinion!!!) and he's been playing Lego Island. Coincidently he was on a raceway when I shouted out the news about the new Speed Racer raceway. Interest has been drawn back to U.B. Funkeys. But now we have to get our hands on the new Funkeys!

Thanks to "Timmster" for posting on the Funkey Fan Forum and alerting us that the updates were ready!

To get a glimpse of the new games, see this post: Speed Racer Games on UB Funkeys


N/A said...

this is great thx
now i know some cheats

Anonymous said...

hi im 11 years old and am wondering why i cannot get the newest update... whenever i log in nothing ever comes up saying 'do you want to download the latest update' and i have two speed racer funkeys(speed racer and chim-chim) the portal is broken. what should i do???