Sunday, March 9, 2008

More on U.B Funkeys Speed Racer Royalton Racing

If you haven't heard yet about the breaking news of the U.B. Funkey Speed Racer Royalton Racing Raceway (try to say that 3 times real fast! lol), the updates are coming through now when you log into the game & if are connected to the internet.

Now everyone wants to know when they can buy them! The last I heard, the first 6 will be released in April around the same time as the movie. That's the news for the U.S., and for New Zealand (and most likely Australia too?), the release date sounds like May.

There were sellers on selling the new Speed Racer Starter Sets as a "pre-order", but I don't see them listed anymore. One of the Funkey Fans on the Forum posted that the company requested the sellers to take them down until Spring when they are to be released. Interesting!

UPDATE: The Speed Racer hub with 2 Funkeys is now ready for pre-order on, see the link in my blog's sidebar.
(blog edit 3/22/08)

If anyone has any new information about this, you are welcome to leave a comment, send an email, or join in on the conversation at the Funkey Fan Forum.

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