Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Rare Funkey glitch is fixed!

This is actually bad news for us that a glitch was fixed. It appears that the most recent update, version 2.6, not only gave us positive updates to the henchmen, but also fixed a glitch that had enabled us to use any Rare or Very Rare Funkey to view & purchase the rare & very rare items in ANY of the character's marts.

Here's a tip to anyone who does not yet have the version 2.6 update: If there are any Rare or Very Rare items that you want in the marts, buy them now before you let the updates go through! That only applies to those of us who were getting by with only one or just a few Rare Funkeys and using them to "swap out" once we were in another character's mart.
If you are collecting all of the Rare & Very Rare also, then no worries for you!

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