Saturday, March 22, 2008

U.B Funkeys Cheat Codes

We might call them cheat codes, but it's the kind of cheating that is not only allowed, but encouraged in the U.B. Funkey Game! It's all in good fun.

We've listed a couple of them before, but here they go again along with some new ones, compliments of our pal Karl of Kiwi Reviews.

  • iluvfunkeys345 will give you 50 coins

  • 6786allworkandnoplay will give you 50 coins, & a Very Rare Insane Flaming Hoop

  • sproutarboretum852 will give you 75 coins, and five new wallhangings

  • funkeystownmuseum28 will give you 75 coins, and a Chocolate Lava Lamp

  • wasabipagoda992 will give you 100 coins, & box of Exploding Whizbangs

  • tikihut327 This code will get you a war totem and 50 coins (this one is a new addition on 3/28/08, after Luli from the Funkey Fan Forum alerted us that a new code was posted on the official UB Funkey's website.)

These next 5 were contributed by Hannah. Thanks, Hannah, for leaving the comment. These are good ones! (added on 4/5/08)

  • boggleden129 - Ghost Flame Toilet and 75 coins!

  • ponderingpark453 - Sonic shield generator and 75 coins!

  • falloutcompound358 - Solid Gold Panel and 75 coins!

  • kelpybasin4564 - Chocolate Seaweed and 75 coins!

  • radicarules4565 - Very Rare Diamond Treasure Chest And 500 Coins!

  • dascratchclub983 - Platinum Record and 75 coins

There's a new one (added on July 16, 2008). We believe the original source who shared this is Cuddles.

  • bogglethemind2256 - Foul smelling bone chair and 50 coins

Enter the codes at the main menu login screen under "options". Each of your login names will get the bonuses upon login. Use lowercase letters when entering the code.

If you visit Karl's website, - Click the red 'DOWNLOADS' button and select the Funkeys DataSheet. (Pure text file, virus-free. Will usually open in your browser directly.)
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Anthony said...

Hey thanks, these codes are great.

Anonymous said...

ty this helped me!

Anonymous said...

these cheats only give me $$$...:(

but its overall pretty allright

Robyn said...

Are you sure you only got money? If you haven't checked your stuff in your crib yet, check and see. Sometimes it's under a category that you wouldn't think at first. If you still don't see them, please come back & comment, maybe it's a glitch that others are having as well.

Anonymous said...

thees r all great ty...but the first cheat dosn't work

Robyn said...

Sometimes the codes don't work for me the first time, but if you try again & double check your spelling and make sure you type them in lowercase (or just copy it from above), it should work.
Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

i only get coins aswell wats with that?

Anonymous said...

i have done all of the cheat whene does the next cheat code come out if u want to chech my crib type jamboy in funkey town on freinds crib

Robyn said...

I haven't heard of any new cheat codes. I was surprised we didn't see any new ones with the Speed Racer series.
If anyone hears of new ones, please leave a comment or email. Be sure to give us your first name, last initial and where you are from (or however much of that info. you are comfortable with) so we can give you credit.

I tried to look at the jamboy crib, but it didn't come up.

Anonymous said...

I only got money no items:(

Anonymous said...

Thanks theese r sooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

I too only got money but we cant update to the new version, probably get both if your already updated when entering the cheats

Anonymous said...

I think "speedup270" is a code but if it doesn't work post brad571 because he is the one who told me

Anonymous said...

thanks and some did not work for me but thanks you guys are under bookmark because i love the photos and comments you should have more photos

Anonymous said...

Check spelling mistakes

Anonymous said...

i have more falloutcoumpound358 radicarules4565 dascratchclub983 wasabipagoda992 sproutarboretum852 funkeytownmuseum28 boggleden129 now i hope these are use full to you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

okay, this isnt a cheat code, but its pretty funny.
when you first log in if you click on the bag that has all your stuff in it you can move one of your items onto the page right on top of you it will follow you around and it looks really funny.
i tried it with a couch, and it looked like i was a walking couch. ahhahah!