Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Speed Racer Funkeys are starting to come out now!

I've heard reports of Speed Racer Hub sets in stores, but haven't checked the stores yet myself. I'm not sure what part of the country (or which country!) have them out yet.

There are starter sets up for sale on Ebay (but please don't pay those outrageous prices unless you just have to be the first one to have it!!!). They'll be in the stores soon. You can also order them through Amazon (it will come from Target). See the image & link on this blog's sidebar for that.

We'd love to hear reports from anyone who has found the Speed Racer Funkeys in the stores yet, and especially if you have one already!
(blog edit on 3/30/08: We now have our first speed racer funkey!)
(blog edit on 4/3/08: Our collection is almost complete! )

Oh, and I'll mention that you don't need to buy the hub again if you already have one. If you have the UB Funkey game installed already, there has been an update from Mattel that should have already installed Royalton Racing Complex on your computer. Now you only need the single Speed Racer Funkeys to gain access to it.

But the new UB Funkey Speed Racer hub is cute, and if you're into collecting, there's no reason not to get it if you don't mind spending a little extra money! The way I figure it is that the new hub will come with 2 Speed Racer Funkeys, and if you're going to buy those two anyway (we'll figure a $7.99* value each, making it a $15.98 for both), then the new hub is really only going to cost you about $7 extra + any shipping costs if applicable. (That is assuming the cost of $22.99 if you order from Amazon.com through Target)
* $7.99 is the current price for a single Funkey at Toys R Us, which as of today is the only place that has released them.


Anonymous said...

Yep. I will try to get the three tick funkey. Anyone who got it can tell me

Anonymous said...

HI! My son and I were at toys r us this morning and they had @ of the Speed Racer starter sets!!! It was in YORK, PA. Needless to say, we bought one.. It was only 19.99 which is 2 cheaper than we bought the regular starter set for!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was just wondering where did you get Dyer? Ive been looking everywhere and i cannot find him!