Friday, March 21, 2008

UB Funkeys Henchmen Game Version 2.6 Updates

A new update for your UB Funkey game is coming through now. The version 2.6 update installs a henchmen game when you login (and are connected to the internet).

Thanks goes to "webgopher" on the Funkey Fan Forum for alerting us to the updates. We only logged in today after reading the post.

Here's what webgopher wrote: "When I logged on last night, there was another update. When you get this update, the henchmen fight game pops up instead of the henchmen just stealing your coins. Pretty neat little addition. New funkeys are walking around Funkeystown, too."

We checked this out and think it's a great improvement. I'm sure the younger kids took it harder when the henchmen would steal all their coins. Now with this game, you won't loose many coins.

Here's how it worked for us: When the henchman came, the game popped up.

Then you click on the bags to collect as many coins as you can before the henchman pops up. When we clicked on the bags, it would pop up saying “-2”, “-1”, or "2" (some loosing coins, some gaining coins)….until ours added up to -9 coins. Then our next click was on a bag where a henchman popped up and we got the message………we lost 9 coins.

The next time we only lost 5. So not as bad as it was before this game was added!

Blog edit on 3/22/08: The 2.6 update also apparently fixed a glitch with the rare & very rare Funkeys (click on "glitch" for more on this)


Anonymous said...

Where do you get the update?

Robyn said...

The updates will come through automatically when you are hooked up to the internet and then log into the game. You should get a message saying that the 2.6 updates are ready & it will ask you if you want to download them.
If you created your login after the updates became available, they may have come through all at once with all of the other past updates.

Anonymous said...

dude when i update my chatt funkey its loggs me out i try to logg back it i wait todat till tomearo i its still blue and i restart my computer wtf haping help me !

Anonymous said...

UMM I GOT the hench men i update them i waitll the next day i log in i put the hench men iN THE BIG ONE and it said congaulasions ! you got a new funkey in order to use you funkey you need to update softwere i to it agian still doesing work i does it with all my u.b.funkeys even master lox and mayersayso help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it mmakes me sad please help me!

Robyn said...

There could be different things happening. One is if you have Vista. If so, you need to run as administrator (right click on the Funkey icon that is on your desktop when you open the game).
Another thing might be your computer's firewall could be blocking the download. You can turn it off temporarily & see if that helps.
If that still doesn't work, you can call Mattel's help line (the numbers are listed in this blog, you can do a search. Or look in your instruction booklet). Or send another comment & we'll see if anyone can help you with another step to try.