Saturday, March 29, 2008

We Just got our first Speed Racer Funkey!

That's right........they're here!

I was away from home most of the day today, but when I got home tonight I learned that Liam had been to Toy's R Us, bought Snake Oiler, played UB Funkeys for hours, and spent all of his 4,500 coins (that he's been saving for a long time) on cars to put in his new garage that's attached to his crib now!

I sure missed a lot today!

They found the Speed Racer Funkeys at a Toys R Us in Northern Virginia. Liam saw the hub with Speed Racer & Chim chim, and the single funkeys were Snake Oiler, normal Trixie, Very Rare Trixie, Cannonball Taylor, normal Racer X, and Very Rare Racer X.

I can't believe what I just saw on Ebay - - Very Rare Racer X has bids on it up to $26.00!!! Funny thing is, we have one sitting here from Toys R Us that Liam got for $7.99, as well as Very Rare Trixie. We're just holding off opening it yet since we can probably get one at Walmart for $4.99 in the next couple days. And there are people trying to buy one for $26 ? Incredible!

I think the Speed Racer Funkeys should hit the Walmart & Target stores as well starting March 31 or April 1st. I'll check that out soon and let you know!

edited on 3/30/08: Checked a Walmart & Target this morning in our area since Toys R Us released them early - No UB Funkey Speed Racer funkeys yet! I'll check again tomorrow.

3/31/08: Still none in the Walmarts & Targets around Northern Va., and no reports of Speed Racer Funkeys in any other Target or Walmart anywhere around the country yet. Some Walmarts are dropping them. The one near us has put out their Speed Racer action figures, just no Funkeys, although they do expect them.

4/5/08: Still nothing. I heard something about May 1st for those stores getting them. Bummer.


Annie said...

Are you going to sell your other two Speed Racer Funkeys on ebay if you can find them cheaper?

If you are I would be more than happy to buy one, but the problem is I live in the UK, do you sell to the UK.

There is no chance in finding any Speed Racer Funkeys in UK stores, i there any websites you know of?

Thank You Annie

Robyn said...

Hi Annie. I'll help you out if I can. As far as the two we were hesitating about, we decided to keep them since we still haven't found them anywhere else.
If I sell on ebay again, we can ship to the UK.
Send me an email if you want ( & I'll keep you posted.
I hope to go on a Funkey Hunt tomorrow & I'll see what I can find.