Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's a Funkey Christmas!

Here's a new Funkey greeting card to all of you Funkey Fans out there! I added new pictures and it's a different slideshow.......enjoy!

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Who got UB Funkeys for Christmas? You're welcome to leave a comment.

I got an email from Nick who is from Australia, but he's visiting his grandmother in the US. It's harder to find Funkeys down under, but this morning, he now has many more! He got rare snipe, rare lucky, rare dyer, rare sprocket, rare Berger, and Funkeystown Adventurepack! What a great day for Nick!

Billy4032 left a comment and he sounded very excited that he got a lot of funkeys for Christmas, including ROM. I hope you are having fun with them today, Billy!

Liam now has a few things to add to his collection ~ rare twinx, rare flurry, and 3 plushies (pictures of those are in the slideshow card). I just wish I ordered the Hidden Realm Funkeys sooner, then they might be here now!

Did anyone get any of the new Hidden Realm Funkeys for Christmas?


Roco said...

I saw that I got a Waggs in my stocking :D. No, I didn't get a hidden Realm funkey, BUT my mom ordered me some Funkey speakers a few days ago they should be here in about two weeks :D.
-Funk on (and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!)

Rishi said...

I got common Tank, DreamState starter kit, and Rare webley.

PS-I wanted a funkeysTown adventure pack but when I went to K-Mart, they didnt have it... Weird much?

PSS-My mom ordered VERYRARE DYER on ebay and the UPS thing lost it. I am soooooo sad...

Well, I didnt have a good Christmas. Hope you guys did... :)


Yes i got a hidden realm figure-Yeti/bomble. Common but still im soso happy. Ill send you some pics of inside the oni doo and the game. I also got a rare dyer and rare tiki. Rewind and Vroom. VERY RARE sprocket and fallout. Funkeystown K-Mart exclusive. It was an awesome Xmas

Anonymous said...

I got normal berger, Rom, normal ptep and normal drift. My brother got normal vlurp, normal snipe, normal tank and normal waggs

Anonymous said...

Hey all!

I got a shed loads to share with my 3 siblings, we got a very rare glub, fallout and an extremely rare tiki, its so rare because its been paited the wrong colour! ( its muddy green), common tank, stitch, vlurp, waggs and ptep!
Oh and trixie and 2 other racers but i hae no idea how to use them!
Any help?

Onewa80 said...

I got(also on my blog)
Sprout, Very rare berger, boggle, holler, gabby, tank(yay!)rare waggs, rare ptep, and vlurp.
I now have every multiplayer funkey, chat funkey, and all dreamstate funkeys!


Pteprocks said...

I AM HAPPY! I got Common Lucky and Rare Dyer! Now I need Snipe and I'll be ready for HR!

Jareno said...

I was lucky! For my Christmas, I got the FunkeysTown Adventure Pack, The Speed Racer Starter Kit, and a Common Racer X! This means, I have at least 1 of all of the FunkeysTown Series, At least one of all Funkiki Island Series (I has Funkiki Adventure Pack as well!), at least one of all Dream State Series (Except Dot... IMPOSSIBLE to find,), and only 3 (4 if you count U.B,) of the Speed Racer, and no Hidden Realm. Where do they Sell? K-mart? Target? Toys-R-Us? I need one!

Anonymous said...

Hello all! What a great site. We are here in Raleigh, North Carolina and are devoted Funkey Fans. Our collection is now up to 84 total Funkeys. We have 18 complete sets (Normal, Rare and Very Rare)! We have the Funkiki Island Pack and the Master Lox Pack. All the figures here are on sale, many at less than 1/2 price. The Hidden Realm series has not yet made it here. We can't wait. Good Luck to all in your collecting!

kewl said...

I didn't get any. All I got was clothes, 2 Wii games and money. And i can't find any UB Funkeys at the store...

Anonymous said...

I got Yang for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

very rare snipe,very rare wasabi, holler,funkey town adventure pack,funkiki pack and normal lucky and glub