Sunday, December 21, 2008

Problems with the UB Funkeys 4.5 Trunk Update?

I don't have the latest update yet, version 4.5 Funkey Trunk Update. But there are many people reporting problems after the update.

Whenever we have logged onto UB Funkeys in the past 3 days, the message we get is that Master Lox strikes again.......well, this Master Lox infiltration of the network has been my biggest frustration! *(see nerdy rhyme at the bottom)
Since we're not getting a network connection, we haven't been able to get the update. I'm not sure if that's what is also causing the other problems, or perhaps the network is down because Mattel is working on the problems.

I thought this topic should be a post of its own since it has generated many comments on my last blog post (click this link if you want to read the comments).
Perhaps we can figure this out together.

Someone asked for Mattel's number. Since it's Sunday, they are closed, but here's the number for the US: 1-800-803-9611. They are in NY, so they are on Eastern time and their hours are 9am - 7pm Monday - Thurs., and 11am - 5pm on Saturdays.

Please comment on any problems and solutions and we'll help each other out!

{please see the comments below. Also see this post for more info. plus more user comments: Press Release about Funkey Trunk Micotransactions}

*This is my nerdy comment on my rhyme of "infiltration" and "frustration":

What a time for a rhyme!
(and as one of my friends used to say....)
I was a poet and didn't know it,
but my feet show it
because they are Longfellows!

Yeah, I know that's corny, but it's my blog and I'll rhyme if I want to! hehehe


spiderMan890 said...

Mine Wiped out EVERYTHING !

And worse Its stuck on Re-Istallation.


Onewa80 said...

Tomorow(I'm on Christmas break!)I'll call them and post what they say on my blog.
Thanks once again,
Live long and prosper,
Nice corny poem, :P


Anonymous said...

Im having the same problem. I got it to work for like 5 seconds last night though. I Got to the Rom chat room and the Holler chat room. No one was there except me. Than the master lox message popped up. If you want to contact me, I have a website amd email and youtube account.


chris said...

My problem is that when I download the update to 100% I click on "lets go" and then nothing happens and ub funkeys shuts down for an hour. Then when I go on I don't have the update. Even worse, when I try to use the run as administer again the master lox thing shows up and I have to wait another day to download the update.
I've downloaded the update to 100% THREE TIMES!, and this keeps on happening.

Anonymous said...

We aren't having any problems. We did have a couple of days with the Master Lox message and no sound only on the funkey program. But today we have sound back and everything seems to be working fine.

fallenspirit said...

Ok so I am new to this Funkey world and i have gotten this message that i am using 4.0 and there is a new update 4.5 so I hit download and it goes through but when i hit lets go Nothing I have to log off my computer and it takes me back to 4.0 and asks me to download the updates. again Nothing happens. HELP HELP HELP. Other then that Love the game spent way to much money on these things in the past four days But i am up to 21 of these little guys.

pit272 said...

I have the same problem as chris

pit272 said...

Also I cant see my friends

pit272 said...

what do we do robyn we need help and also i cant play mulitplayer funkeys games alone nothing pops up when i click play alone

kewl said...

the problem with mine is that I can't open UB Funkeys after I press "let's go!" and my internet starts going slow even though it's high speed. then I try to restart the computer and this thing pops up saying "Ending Program: UB Funkeys 4.5 update" and then I can't update for another day.

sammy said...

im going on U.B funkeys rihet now and that messeg miht pop up i dont no

Rishi said...

I got my UB funkeys internet connection to work again and im online! (I got lucky... It glitched up and didnt get to say the master lox message!)

Alex said...

i havent installed the update yet because of some people having all their stuff wiped out. Is there a way of baking up the files? And how do i?
my email
i have been reading your blog since i got funkeys! It's great, keep up the good work

revvinon said...

Well, it does seem that there have been many problems along with the new 4.5 update. I have some files that it says are "broken or missed" when I click on Angus to go to his lab.

I lost my buddy list (some has finally come back up) I just was sitting in my crib for a long time all of a sudden I got an Access Violation and part of my list came up.

Many have been having problems with the game not completing the update process - one person on the UBF said they went through the task manager found the UBFunkey Update, right clicked and selected open file location. It pulled up a file menu and on the menu it had a link for the updater. They clicked on the updater link and saw it pop up on the task menu and this time the updater actually looked like it was doing something (instead of showing 00 under the CPU it showed 03-05). So you could try that.

Good Luck!

chris said...

Fallenspirit, and kewl that is basicly the same problem that I'm having. At least I know I'm not alone.

Onewa80 said...

Mm'k. I'm going to call them now.
Check my blog in about an hour(They always put you on hold for SO long).


Anonymous said...

Mine is working fine, I got the update working the first time with no problems exept my problem is is that I can't get into the angus lab because it says "web registrations and internet conection is required". I know I have inernet connection, but how do I get web regisration? I dont even know what web registration is!

Rishi said...

Im calling Radica right now... To ask about the connection between the trunk update and the master lox message. They said the "funkeynet" server was down. Thats what it is called. He said it will be fixed quickly. But also because it is the holiday season, people are calling to much and that broke the server. (This guy was VERY helpful! No joke! He knew what he was talking about!)

Hope that helps. He said it would be fixed soon.


fallenspirit said...

As oh 10 pm last night I changed the date on my computer to get it to give me the screen to the updates and sure enough it worked i got the update let the computer download it and left if for about two hours. I then returned and the 4.5 updates where in now the game runs fine for me. I am not sure this will work for every one but it did for me..

CP funkeys said...

it worked fine for me.... And robyn i'm mad at the game to but I don't rime corny rimes.

Robyn said...

CP Funkeys ~ Maybe you should try it sometime! It's called humor, and it lightens the mood when you do get mad! ;)

Robyn said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to contribute your comments. Augiewan, on his speakeasy blog, posted on this topic too, basically Mattel is aware of the problems and they are working on them.

My question to those of you who reinstalled the game is this: Was your progress saved if you used your same Funkey name? In other words, do you lose your progress & need to start over like we did before the 3.2 update (or whatever it was when the quests started)?

Anonymous said...

Mine did the same thing. 4.0 was working fine then the 4.5 update came... It went through at first then it did not recognize the username. So I reinstalled it. When I go to do the update, it will down load 100% then I click "Lets Go" and noting happens... Its very frustrating and I hope there is a fix by tomorrow. We got our son all of the drem state and hidden real funkeys for x-mas and I really want him to be able to play with them then..

revvinon said...

The thing with the internet connection and the web registration - the web registration is basically having your unique funkey name and the internet connection - how Master Lox strikes?? That is preventing the game to have its connection to the server.

I was able to access the lab 2 times yesterday. When I tried and Master Lox had struck again that is when I received that web registration and internet connection message.

Anonymous said...

I changed my computers date, then tried again. It let me download again. At first, it looked like it wasn't going to work AGAIN, but then it did. WooHoo!

Anonymous said...

I was having the same problem as many posted here -- the update completed 100%, clicked 'Let's Go' and nothing happened. The UBFunkey Update process was showing 0% CPU on the task manager so I killed the process. I went into the UB Funkeys program directory (C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame) and found an 'update' subfolder. The contents had a directory structure similar to the application folder and approximate size of the v4.5 update (3xx MB) -- so I copied the contents of update to the application folder, overwriting existing files -- ran UB Funkeys app and everything appears to be working.

This was on a new install so I had nothing to lose.


Anonymous said...

same problem

help me!!!!!
I can't play
my first time playing i cant use funkeys without the 4.5 update
i click lets go when its 100% complete

Anonymous said...

There were/are two problems - the 4.5 download and saving data (ie internet connection). When I spoke with Mattel on Monday 22nd they hoped to have the problems fixed by Xmas Eve; since it appears they aren't, it's just a matter of waiting til people are in to solve the glitches, which may be a while as it's the holidays!

Anonymous said...

mine stopped working at74% of the download it told me to put out the hud then stick it back of i did it 12 times and it wouldn't work. can someone please help!

billy4032 said...

when it said about master lox i had to re download it

Anonymous said...

My daughter gave me the Speed Racer starter kit for Xmas. That worked fine until I found a cute Dream State puppy this afternoon and tried to play with it. The 4.5 trunk update loaded TWICE with no problem-the first d/l took an hour, the second, just a minute. Now I'm sitting here trying to be patient to see if it will start a new game like it promised instead of doing nothing. I'm extremely new to this so I wouldn't lose much if I had to reinstall.

Thank you for providing this forum- good to know I'm not alone with this issue.

Jill said...

If you are downloading and getting to the "Lets Go" and then it takes you to the desktop and does nothing try this...

Go to the Task Manager and stop the UBFunkeys_update.exe process. Then go into the folder Program Files>U.B.Funkeys>RadicaGame. There should be a program under that folder called UBFunkeys_Update.exe... start it. It takes a few minutes, but if the update is actually working you will see new files appear in that folder like "Trunk" and eventually the update icon will disappear when it has all been successfully installed. Then UB Funkeys will start on its own.

It worked for me.

Robyn said...

You should be able to play Waggs' game without the new update. Therefore, if the server problems persist, you just might want to reinstall, and then skip the 4.5 update if it tries again & if that's what is freezing it.

However, I haven't had a connection to the Funkey network in a week, so still don't have the 4.5 update, and my game still goes blank sometimes. That just happened with Sushi Showdown when I selected "single player game" (there isn't the option to play against anyone right now with the server down, or jammed, or whatever is going on). I got a black screen and the task manager list showed that UB Funkeys was not responding.
It is very disappointing!

Robyn said...

Thanks Revvinon, HTH, and Jill for the solution to try. I will copy that up to the main portion of the blog post.
As you can imagine, there are many people searching for that answer today & yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Trying to download the update has been a nightmare. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one experiencing problems. I did what someone on the 24th suggested and pasted the update files over the old files. In addition, I added the new folders, such as "trunk." I thought it was going to work but when I double-click the application, I now get the message, "File is broken or missed - index.rdf." Does anyone have suggestions or know where I can find that file?

Anonymous said...

I bought my kids the dreamstate pack with its hub, and master lox and henchman pack. However none of these funkeys are recognized ( only the old ones they had). I have tried to download the 4.5 trunk version ( at least ten times). While in general at 76% it gave an error message, one of the times it arrived to 100%!!!. So I tried the solution propossed by Jill. Now I have the new forders trunk and trunkupdate, but wwhen I try to go to funkeystown it gets stucked in the black page that indicates that is going to funkeys town!!!

Anonymous said...

dose anyone know when the download might strat to work?

Anonymous said...

This worked for me:

Go to C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\Update and Select all files and folders

Copy and paste them to:

C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\

End the process ubfunkeys_update and restart the program...

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem, downloaded 4.5, but after clicking Lets Go- It stalled. The UBFunkeysupdate.exe sat in the task manager idle.

I killed the process then:

I went into the Funkeys folder C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame and found a Funkeysupdater.exe (or something like that) double clicked and it worked the game restarted and appears ok.

Good Luck
Barry S.
bls5782 at

Seth said...

Thanks Jill. It worked for us.

luvsfunk said...

hey all been havin trouble with the 4.5 update since 25th. tried everything everyone has said so far. i have drift so i can try and download it whenever i connect him. reinstalled from disc last night and manage to download and install version 2.6 not sure how old this version is, when i connect drift it says to play with him i need to download 4.5 i click ok. then get an ERROR message telling me to reconnect him or phone them im in the U.K so not sure if the numbers are the same. theres is no fault with drift or hub as the both work fine on other P.C which took the download just fine.

Robyn said...

Here's the number for the UK:01628 500303

I hope they can help you!

Anonymous said...

luvsfunk i have the same promblem i put in my dream state chat funkey and it stopped downloading half way thourht but i can't get the 2.6 version i'm stuck on the first one. dose anyone know how to get any thought version?

Anonymous said...

Jill's suggestion made on Dec. 26th completely solved our update problem. Thanks so much for the help.

Chas said...

I managed to downloa dhte update OK but on running the update I got the error (in a window):
16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0558 IP:0128 OP:63 68 65 22 3e Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.
Close Ignore

Can anyone assist? This was a christmas present and my seven year old is getting impatient!

Thanks - Mike.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've downloaded the new 4.5 version and when I hit let's go nothing happens. My son can't use the speed racer characters without the download.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has bought a few funkey products for a christmas present and is trying to update from version 1 ot the current version 4.5 in which she has tried to download 4 - 5 times. Each time she downloads and tries to run the game, it asks to download the update again.

We have read through the blogs and seen some of the answers to this problem (Such as changing the date on your computer.) The problem is how and where are you changing the date on the computer?

Sorry to sound exasperated but can you please help with this problem.

Anonymous said...

When I go into the Radica folder, there is no "update" in it. How else can I force it to update?

Robyn said...

To anyone still having trouble getting the 4.5 update, first please read up a bit further on these comments and try Jill's suggestion. It has worked for most people.
If that doesn't work for you (as it did not for me), you have a few other things to try:
1. Lower your security settings, temporarily turn off your firewalls, and with Vista select to run as administrator. Unplug the hub before you go back into the game.
2. Call Mattel's helpline
3. Uninstall the game and reinstall. But first be sure that your progress has been saved the last time you left the game, and that you know your Unique Funkey name & password (Mattel's customer relations helpline can provide the passwords if you forgot). If you are not using a uniqe funkey name, be sure you backed up your files first (there is a blog post on that if needed)
4. Beg Mattel's support to send you an installation disk. That's what I finally did. I still had to uninstall & reinstall, but now we have the 4.5 update!

Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem I have treid to follow Jill's advice but I cant find the Folder Propgram files she talks about? where is it please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

if u r using vista to change the date u go down and click on the time for example 5:30 pm and the click on change time or date!

Anonymous said...

When I try to download the update, it always stops at 96%, it's really frustrating. If anyone can help me with the problem, I'll be extremely grateful!

Anonymous said...

I struggled with the 4.5 Funkeys Trunk Update for hours - reinstalled, virus scanned everything - then I happened upon this blog. Eureka! Replacing the contents of the RadicaGame folder with the updated folder didn't work for me. I finally found the FunkeysUpdate file (icon)- thanks Barry S. It ran slow, if I didn't check for activity in the task manager I wouldn't have known it was running. A while later, 15-30minutes (I was doing somthing else), it was up & running. I used Jill's suggestion to terminate the process in task manager before running the update. Everything seems to be running great now. Thanks!!


Robyn said...

Hi Bob, Thanks for the feedback. It's always great to hear that the blog helped someone. I'm glad you found us!


Dan in Savananh, Ga said...

Ok folks. here's another way to actually play the game after attempting the 4.5 download. After attempting the 4.5 download several times I went into the UB funkeys program folder, then into Radica to make sure that all files were downloaded. Note that you should see a trunk file. I did not see this at first but after several attempts at the download...and leaving the aforementioned files open for viewing for some time, I sat back down at the computer and lo and behold...there indeed was a "trunk" folder now present along with the other downloaded files. Following the directions of some of the other bloggers I went into the task manager under processes and deleted all of the UBFunkeys.exe processes (to include the updater.exe process) and let me tell you, there were 4 or 5 of these in the task manager. I think that it is especially the updater (or was it "downloader") process that is hanging things up and keeping us from being able to play the game, so make sure that you have all UBfunkeys processes in the task manager deleted. After that you can close the task manager and just click on the desktop icon for UBfunkeys and hopefully the game will begin running for you as it did for me. ps. for those of us computer illiterate, To open the Task Manager hold down the Ctrl and Alt button while pressing the Delete button and the Task Mgr will open for you. Good Luck Dan in Savannah, Ga.

Anonymous said...

I Love Ub Funkeys.
But now with the New Update. It asks me to make make a Unique Funkey Name. Sounded pretty cool.
But every time I try to enter one it says "that word isn't known in terrapinia"

Anyone know how to help this?

red said...

when I put my gabby or vlurp on the hub the first time it started to download than it stopped and said there was an unexpected error was the funkey technicians were bring the potal online and can no one plz tell to check my internet connection
because i know it works so can someone plz help me

Anonymous said...

my stupid ubfunkeys download giggamabob keeps saying error:installation can not be completed,shutting down program