Monday, December 29, 2008

UB Funkey pictures that caught my attention

These first pictures are Funkeys that were painted by Funkey players. The last is a picture of one of the new Hidden Realm Funkeys.

This Dot was painted by Rebsingh and posted on their website (thanks, Rebsingh, for letting me post the pics)

This next one was painted by Obsessed Funkey, who many of you may know from the Funkey Fan Forum and The Speakeasy.
About this Funkey:
"His name is SODA. He has a very bubbly personality and likes everyone/everything (except coca-cola). "
Obsessed Funkey said he was going to be "a Christmas present for her sister who is an avid Pepsi collector and soon to be funkey enthusiast."

This last one isn't a painted Funkey, but a real Hidden Realm Funkey. I wanted to post it because I haven't seen any pictures yet of anyone's Hidden Realm Funkey out of the package.
Funkalunk received this Bomble as a Christmas present. Funkalunk also has a Funkey blog & posted the pictures, so if you'd like to check it out, here's the link:


Rebsingh said...


Rebsingh said...

I got to play Funkey Fighters with FUnkalunk/Crackerz.

I recorded it. The youtube video should be up soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,

We have all 4 Hidden Realm figures. I will take a pic and send to you. My daughter earned 4 trophies but it is different from the other "lands". She changed the Hidden Realm characters all within Oni's Dojo to earn different trophies. The one thing I think would be an improvement to HR is to leave the gates down once they are opened. I find it aggravating to have to open them each time you visit HR.

We bought loot a couple of days ago, money has come out of my "real" bank account and yet I have no loot in my chest. I love the idea of buying the familiars (mostly interested in Dot) but I have not been able to do so because of the technical problems they are experiencing.

Will follow up with some screen prints of the trophies and the HR figures.

CP funkeys said...
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CP funkeys said...

WOW that girl has got to have something wrong with her taste buds or maybe I do but all I is I HATE PEPSI and I love coke!

funkey said...

I like the pespie one

jairo m. said...

hey can i be on your buddy list in the funkeys game? my name is DOT5