Friday, December 26, 2008

UB Funkey update isn't working? "Let's Go" doesn't go?

blog update on Saturday, Dec. 27 around 10 am EST:
***I'm on! For the first time in week, Master Lox is not striking when we sign on to the game. But I didn't get the option to download the new version ***
blog update on Sat. at 1:21pm EST: Master Lox strikes again. What gives?

original post:
Many people are asking these questions recently, so I thought I'd tackle this topic and try to help. The problems you are experiencing aren't all the same, but we believe they are related to the server problems at Mattel currently. They are aware of the problem and are working on it. For most of us, we need to be patient and keep trying later.....they have always come through for us before.

But there is one problem you might fix on your own. If the download for version 4.5 Funkey Trunk update has started for you, but doesn't complete, check out what some Funkey players had to say and perhaps it will help you as well (these are comments left on a previous blog post and are very worthy of highlighting):

Jill wrote:
If you are downloading and getting to the "Lets Go" and then it takes you to the desktop and does nothing try this... Go to the Task Manager and stop the UBFunkeys_update.exe process. Then go into the folder Program Files>U.B.Funkeys>RadicaGame. There should be a program under that folder called UBFunkeys_Update.exe... start it. It takes a few minutes, but if the update is actually working you will see new files appear in that folder like "Trunk" and eventually the update icon will disappear when it has all been successfully installed. Then UB Funkeys will start on its own. It worked for me.

Revvinon wrote:
Many have been having problems with the game not completing the update process - one person on the UBF said they went through the task manager found the UBFunkey Update, right clicked and selected open file location. It pulled up a file menu and on the menu it had a link for the updater. They clicked on the updater link and saw it pop up on the task menu and this time the updater actually looked like it was doing something (instead of showing 00 under the CPU it showed 03-05). So you could try that.

(here's a word of caution to the general public before attempting the following: be sure you know what files you are working with before you replace any. And you might not want to try it if you have made significant progress in the game....but I don't know for sure, but that's something to consider)

HTH wrote:
I was having the same problem as many posted here -- the update completed 100%, clicked 'Let's Go' and nothing happened. The UBFunkey Update process was showing 0% CPU on the task manager so I killed the process. I went into the UB Funkeys program directory (C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame) and found an 'update' subfolder. The contents had a directory structure similar to the application folder and approximate size of the v4.5 update (3xx MB) -- so I copied the contents of update to the application folder, overwriting existing files -- ran UB Funkeys app and everything appears to be working.This was on a new install so I had nothing to lose.


Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell Funkey is Junkey none of these suggestions work and the only response to the problem from their website forum is watch the language. Obviously a lot of people are upset

chasingdragonflies said...

Thanks Alot

Thumbs Up For Creating This Blog.
I'm going to try these fixes right now.

chasingdragonflies said...

The update worked like a charm with Jill's method. Only thing is i get a message about evil forces and only being able to access parts of the game and sometimes the ground is just black.

I guess this is because something is wrong back at mattel or radica.

One other thing, when I plug in a red funky with a snake on it i get a message "something is wrong with the usb hub can you check it for me"

any ideas ? ^^ Im going to browse the rest of this blog now.


Jesus is our savior said...

Okay after hours of installing and reinstalling doing everything possible I figured out the problem. Now the only thing I ask if if you follow the steps and it works, you say "Praise God." Thats it. Now this is what you do.
1) Download Adobe shockwave to your computer (if you notice the program 4.5 needs adobe shockwave. They really need to inform everyone that this must be done to work. That is why the graphics dont work for some)

2) Download 4.5, after lets go, it should be fine and boom it starts up. If it doesnt start up then...

3) Go to the C drive, open up the radica folder, look for the UBfunkeys Update and open there. Finally if that didnt work for you, simply

4) Go to the Icon right click and open as administrator.

I believe the key is simply downloading Adobe shockwave because the files are adobe shockwave. Spread this thread please and again please say "Praise God" God Bless and Merry Christmas

Robyn said...

To Anonymous ~ The suggestions won't work in all cases. In my case, I never got that far for the update to download, so it won't work for me.
I saw that post about watching language on the forum, and I've never seen any official response from Mattel on their except to moderate comments.

To Chasingdragonflies ~ The evil forces would be Master Lox, which means the server is down or jammed or whatever. I heard it will be another couple days before it's fixed.
Sounds like you were trying to put Snake Oiler in the UB hub, and when you get that error message, you can usually just wiggle it around until the message goes away. If that doesn't work, you can rub the bottom with a soft cloth.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ran into similar trouble - and there is no UBFunkey_Update.exe on the system - there is a pre fetch item with that name but that does not help.

I tried the copy paste suggestion - seems to have worked on this computer - have yet to get any indication on the other computer that the update is even available.

The nifty thing is that if you register a unique Funkey name then your progress and such is stored on the server and downloaded from there which means you could do a complete uninstall/reinstall or get a new computer or even log from a friends computer provided you have your unique Funkey name and password.

chasingdragonflies said...

Thankyou Robyn.

Snake Oiler works fine now. My little brother is very happy. Now I hope to find a fix for the black patches on the ground.

Dalek Cam said...

Jesus is our savior.... whats the password for administrator? I dont know it and it wont let me type nothing! what is administrators passwod?

Dalek Cam said...

its ok you dont have to answer that question! i just click the ub_funkeys_update and then closed it and opened up windows task manager it hadub_funkeys_update and it had a number next to it for once! youll never guess what the number was! it was 93! amazing! it actually installed!!!! too bad the only new funkey I have is Flurry. I really wanna go to dream state!

Jason Baugher said...

Jill's method of running the update manually worked for us as well. My son was really starting to get annoyed that he couldn't access his new Funkey's that he'd worked so hard to earn.

Btw, our update was from 1.4 all the way to 4.5. That may be interesting info for Radica if they care to listen and try to fix this bug. Also, Shockwave 11 was already installed before Funkey's first installation. This is on XP Home.

jairo m. said...

wait, so if you update, does it erase all other funkey save files?

jairo m. said...

hmmmmm.........i'll trie jills idea, it sounds the best.

Gorst said...

Please tell me where your followers are.:{P.S.I am also shel2.

Anonymous said...

My U.B. Funkeys software in program files doesn't HAVE an Update.exe file.

Anonymous said...

Oh please help me. My U.B. Funkeys game doesn't work on the updating bit. The game just jumps to the Speed Racer update, but the Nightmare Rift and Hidden Realm update aren't automagiclly updating. D: Also if I put a Funkey newer than the Speed Racer Update it asks if I want to update my game. I click Yes but then it says the Funkey Technicians are down and are going to fix the problem. But I hear that Funkeys was discontinued or something. The site is in like, portuguese and I need help now.