Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phone number for Consumer Relations at Mattel

There have been many people asking for phone numbers to call about problems with UB Funkeys, so here they are!
Thanks to akaabbey for typing this out on the Funkey Fan Forum.

USA/Canada: 1-800-803-9611

UK: 01628 500303

Australia: 1300 135 312

Diimport & Diedarkan Oleh: 03-78803817

If anyone is in East Asia there is no phone number but an address: Mattel East Asia Ltd., Room 1106, South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui, HK, China


Rebsingh said...

I updated my blog so you guys can see Hidden realm funkeys in the pictures! (I talk too much... I know!)


Rebsingh said...

I found onewa80 in hollers chat room also! XD

first Roco then Onewa80

chris said...

I got the update! If you had my problem then download the update to 100% and DO NOT click let's go. Instead click the x in the corner and it will say do you want to quit? Say yes. Go onto ub funkeys normaly and you'll have it. My problem is that I can't remember my unique funkey name password.

Rebsingh said...

I might get loot tomorrow! I will tell you guys how it is.

Rebsingh said...

No one is visiting my blog... :(

P.S. Crackerz got the Funkey Fighters trophy!

Here is his crib: junkyard98

Check out my blog. I added stuff. AND CHAT WITH ME! YAY!

Roco said...

I just looked at it I didn't know there were different trophys for different funkeys that's awesome thanks for the info I like the ice I wonder what yang's looks like???
-Funk on

Rebsingh said...

Hey Roco, I will take a screenshot of what Yangs looks like! So wait for that!

Rebsingh said...

I found singe's trophy! Check out my blog to see it.

Rebsingh said...

can you visit my blog and talk Robyn? I am getting bored... Again. Sorry! BUT. I found singes and bombles trophy if you want to check that out.

You can put the images of Bomble and singes trophy if you want to!

Robyn said...

Rebsingh, sorry comments are slow to get through today, I'm really sick today. We stopped by your website, but probably won't anymore today since I need to rest.

Rebsingh said...

Its ok. Im sorry I ask a lot. I just get bored. No one really visits. The guests that visit never talk because they go away from there computer/ dont know where the chat thingy is. Hope you feel better Robyn! Thank you for being really kind.

Anonymous said...

Omg where is your chat box cant find it D: