Friday, January 25, 2008

For the love of the Funkey

We added Sol to our collection yesterday and the game is a big hit! It's mini-golf on the beach. I only played it twice and haven't won anything yet. I believe the item this game will win is the glowing mask to get through the cave, but I'll report that when I find out. Looks like we need to update our "Funkey Family Photo" that we have posted over to the right!

We got our shipment of Funkeys from the distributor, and some are already up on Ebay. It's for the love of the Funkey that we decided to start a store, not the other way around! I just don't want this blog to turn into an advertisement, so I had to add that! However, if you are looking for some rare Funkeys, we have some up on Ebay right now. If anyone is looking for any particular one, you are welcome to email us.

You can view our items on Ebay over in the right column.

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Reese said...

Did you know that is selling a new Funkey Speed Racer hub with two characters? It can be pre-ordered. They do not know when it will be in but it is supposed to be interactive with the rest of the funkeys. I ordered one and paid $19.99. Not sure if this was already mentioned on this sight. Found this tip on another Funkey blog.