Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shards, Henchmen, and Hoodwinks, Oh My!

I earned another shard of a gemstone last night. Still not sure if that’s random. It doesn’t seem to come after a high score, but most likely after playing the games for many times in a row. We haven’t been keeping track if we’ve earned them from playing different games. After you win four of the same color, it completes the gemstone. Then the henchmen will disappear from the zone where you earned the different pieces. For example, in Kelpy Basin, the shards are blue. Once the blue gemstone is complete, then the henchmen disappear from Kelpy Basin.

[update on 4/08: For more about the shards, please click here to read about it]

When your Funkey is walking around Funkeystown, watch out for those henchmen who will come and steal your coins! But if you have a hoodwink, that will stop the henchmen from stealing your coins and they’ll take the hoodwink instead. You can get a hoodwink when you find a sparkle anywhere in Funkeystown or another zone when you’re walking around. If you see a small bubble like thing that turns into a sparkle, just click on it.


Jean said...

You have become a top notch U.B. Funkey player. I played only once and had lots of fun. Keep on Funkeying.

Jeannie said...

WOW!!! Neat I have never heard of them. It really sounds like something Sam would love!!! If you start to sell them on eBay let me know. I know a few pointers.

Jeannie, Sam and Dani

Anonymous said...

wow i thought it was going to be boring but with new funkeys and worlds just fantastic!!! but i am having trouble getting more shards and funkeys

Anonymous said...

It's very good!

u.b said...

i love your blog by the way how do you get it on the page

jesse said...

i heard that if you have all shards for magma gorge you can get a henchmen plan to make henchmen
i am not shore if its real but when you have the full shards you will find a hidden cave when you walk around