Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting Started

To get started playing the U.B. Funkeys game, you’ll need to buy the starter set which includes the hub (U.B.), 2 Funkeys, and the program software. The starter hub can be shared by multiple players. We’re up to 4 now as Liam has his Mom, Dad, and Grammy set up with cribs. You can share all the Funkeys, and each player can still be separate with their own coins saved and separate crib with their own game rooms and trophy rooms. Of course not every kid will want to share these cute little collectible creatures.

Each player starts out with 100 coins and some basic things to get the crib decorating started. The fun part is uniquely decorating your crib and sharing it with your friends. Even though there isn’t any other interaction with others through the game on the internet, you can upload your crib and give your friends your name so they can pull it up.

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