Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There are now over 50 different Funkeys!

Oh, my. Why do I have a horrible feeling that Liam will want to collect all 50?

Well, we did buy another one tonight. It's our first Funkey to take us to Funkiki Island. There was a $3 off coupon in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago, so it was a great price. And like the Thomas trains that we collected when Liam was 2 - 4 years old, I like them too, so I'm a push-over mom sometimes. So we have added Webley to our collection tonight. But it was very disappointing that we couldn't get it to work. Usually we play without the internet connection, but we had to connect so new files could load from the UB Funkey site in order to add the new portal. After waiting for more than 20 minutes to see if there was "anything new in Terrapinia", and to download from the server, we got an error message that said to call technical support. Since the Radica/Mattel customer support line closed at 7pm, we'll have to wait until the morning to get this one resolved. Liam was very disappointed.


Patricia said...

Hi! We are also having trouble connecting the series 2 (new) funkeys. I have been working with their support folks, but so far, no luck. They think it might be due to the fact that I'm running Windows Vista, or maybe because my Internet Service Provider, Comcast, has extra security set up. Either way, it's very frustrating! I'll keep you posted if I find a solution.

Robyn said...

We have Vista also, so that might be it. This should be interesting to see what the tech support folks come up with. Thanks for the message, and I'll post what I find out tomorrow.

AnnieBrookes96 said...

Mine worked fine, plus it only took us about 5 Minutes to do everything.

Hope everything is good.

maya said...

I have been trying to help my son with this for the past couple of days too. Why would the support line close at 7PM. Futhermore they say to go to and that does not work either. My computer has Vista as well. Any other suggestions??

Robyn said...

In the end, I can't even really be sure what it was that made the updates finally go through. I tried several things over a couple days. First, I'll warn you to back up your data files before you start anything (I just copied the files to another folder. You can find them under Program Files, let me know if you need more details on that). Then try your administrator settings by right clicking on the UBFunkey icon located on your desktop. Click "run as administrator". If that still doesn't work, you will need to lower the firewall security settings and see if that works.
Of course the best thing to do is call Customer Service when they are open (but I know sometimes we just can't wait!).
I've listed the US & UK phone numbers on

Anonymous said...

I have vista and we called customer service and then we uninstalled it and reinstalled it
because funkiki island didn't work

myhoopt said...

I saw that most of you are having problmes with UB Funkeys series 2 on Vista Operating systems.

I had the same problem with SOL and WEBLEY.

I called tech support and had a very helpful tech.

1) Created a new account, I called it download.

2) Log in to the new account. A update will start.

3) Play a couple games while you wait 30 minutes on DSL highspeed. Dial Up - do it before bed, so you can at least get some sleep.

4) After install the program will seem like it is doing nothing.... but you should be able to hear the hard drive churning away... just wait about 2-3 mins for the install to take affect.

5) Log in to the new account, and watch the new story line from the mayor. You should see something about the new speedracer line, and some little nasty creatures that make you have to take a bath on a regular basis. If you do not clean up you will not be able to enter any of the character hideouts. Its a real pain in the rear too, because you can only use a fountain once per time period... not sure how long it takes.

6) Log out ... the new log in should disappear....

6) Log in to your standard kids account... or your account if you are like me you have your own.

GOOD Luck.

burritos said...

wow... i havent had any funkey trouble so far but i only have 8 funkeys. can speedreacer stitch lotus timebomb bones chimchim fallout or sprout go to funkiki island or any of the dreamstate areas??? helpfull commments would be much obliged