Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things you can earn from high scores in U.B. Funkeys

Here are some things you can win for high scores, and the scores that earned them:

Kelpy Station:

Twinx Dream -
A score of 13,680 earned us rainbow wallpaper and we can access the game from our “game room”.

A score of 17,069 got us the Twinx Dream Trophy (and the above when not already won).

Sprout's Blossom Boogie -
A score of 2,970 earned a rare orchid and access from our game room.

A score of 3,750 earned a trophy (and the above if not already won).

Funkeystown -

A score of 11,995 earned a trophy and access to the game from our game room.

A score of 13,206 was an "insane high score" and won a vintage arcade machine.

Funkiki Island:

Webley's Fly Catcher
A score of 5,434 won a trophy and access from the game room.

An "insane" high score of 7,381 in round 7 won The Spider Monkey (he's so cute!) and 120 coins.

Some "totally rad web moves" that were "very fly" won a web shooter.

If you have scores and things you've earned that you'd like to add to our list, please leave a comment, send an email, and/or visit The Funkey Fan Forum and leave a post. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Like to say that my record keeping was a great as Robyn's, but it isn't.

Trophies we have obtained and the scores:

Funk-jong 13,760
Get outta my stew 9,106
Fusion folley 678
Stitch stalker 8,296
Twinx 12,830
Blossom 5,380
Hearts hoopla 64,540
Record rampage 22,875
Fly catcher 6,729
Vroom ball 900

Have managed to pick up a number of bonus items-most of which I don't remember where

trash compactor-funkey shaped
boggle fridge
bed of nails
flower power arcade machine
broken arcade machine
panda pinball machine
vintage arcade machine
stunt cannon
rare orchid
spider monkey
infinite atom sculpture
party starter (purple glitter ball)
nature's heart

Robyn said...

This is great stuff! I think I can add where you picked up some of those items (nature's heart from Heart Hoopla, party ball from Scratch's game). I'm a bit envious over the "panda pinball machine", that sounds cool!
If you want to add your first name and last initial, maybe city/state or whatever you are comfortable with, I'll post this in the main part of the blog. The blog in general is getting a lot of hits from all over the world, seems like lots of folks like to know these things. The comments aren't read much, though, the way it's currently set up. Thanks for adding all that!

wisteriatayu said...

Managed to get the Sol golf game last night. The socre was 126, but I think it gives a better idea of what you need to say it took 54 shots to get through the 18 holes.

Also got the Flurry hectic half-pipe last night. The first time with a score of 12,131. The second time with a score of 20,553...won a pygmy yeti (aka a spider monkey).

wisteriatayu said...

Picked up the Pearl Diver trophy the other night with a score of 26,079.

Also won a stellar pinball machine with a score of 26,159 on Twinx's game.

Robyn said...

Wisteriatayu, You Rule!
I'm going on a hunt tomorrow for Nibbles, I need to catch up! Sounds like you have all 4 of Funkiki Island? They are hard to find!
I finally won the Heart Hoopla trophey with 75,110 (luck!) and the Panda Pinball Machine. I no longer need to be envious! Also a gem shard in the same game, so it was a good game to end the night!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gotten an "Invasion" trophy and if so, what score did you need to get it? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Invasion seems to be the only one for me I cant accomplish either. Heres a list of funkeys I have so far:

Scratch(very rare)

And of all their minigames, including Funkjongg and Museum Mask Mahem, Invasion is the only one I can't get!

Anonymous said...

Some scores we've achieved so far: -

Blossom Boogie 5820
Bounce N' Break 65074
Fish-Bowling 215
Fusion Folley 645
Invasion!!! 19886
Super Vroom Ball 1040
Get Outta My Stew! 6752
Shuriken Master 60
Stitch Stalker 17585
Bones Fishin' Hole 30918
Record Rampage 13525
Fly Catcher 13082
Pearl Diver 42810
Sunshine Links 144
Hectic Half Pipe 17577
Heart Hoopla 60430
Museum Mask Madness 256100
Funk-Jongg 13662

We have 15 trophies so far, have completed the red gem, need one more piece for the purple, 2 more for green and 3 more for blue...

Now that we have completed the red gem, there are no Henchmen in Magma Gorge anymore.

We can't wait for the Speed Racer Funkeys!!

From Funkey Dad & Kristian in Australia

sidewaysizzy said...
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Robyn said...

Hi sidewaysizzy,
Good point, I haven't updated the high scores here & I should! I started posting high scores on the character pages I'm setting up, but they should be here too!

High score so far before yours was 59,822(posted on our Funkey Fan Forum).

Are you sure your score wasn't 60,050 (thousand instead of million)? It's still the highest I've heard of, so good going! I'll post you as the high score on the character page, and you are welcome to post it on the Forum under "high scores" http://www.funkeyfanforum.proboards49.com/index.cgi?board=kelpy&action=display&thread=1202941848

Robyn said...

Thank you also Funkey Dad & Kristian from Australia, and the other anonymous posters!

Also visit the Funkey Fan Forum listed in my last comment, you all would be a great addition to the conversation.

As for the invasion trophy, there are comments and game tips on the Forumn as well. I will be adding those as well to the character page as soon as I have it set up.


Anonymous said...

Here are the high scores in our family:
Funk-Jongg - 13,800
Mix-Master Scratch - 14,026
Fish-Bowling - 255
Bounce N' Break - 63,997
Shuriken Master - 62
Heart Hoopla - 73,660
Record Rampage - 29,550
Hectic Half-Pipe - 33,586
Fly Catcher - 28,316
Sunshine Links - 139
Pearl Diver - 65,264
Blossom Boogie - 5,050
Twinx Dream - 32,372
Stitch Stalker - 35,290
Museum Mask Mayhem - 252,950
Fushion Folley - 673
Get Outta My Stew - 13,073
Invasion - 110,270
Cannonball Taylor's GP 1,101
Snake Oiler's - 1,546

I have two gem shards left to earn. I need vroom and bones before I can get them and then they will all be complete. I've started playing on another account so I can earn trophies again. It gets a little boring after you've got them all.

caloman123 said...

yes!i finally got the jade jumble trophy from the hidden realm.5,082 or something.

caloman123 said...

here are my highscores that have trophys (i can't get the sushi showdown trophy chinese checkers is hard enough):
funk-fongg:13,194(gem shard earned)
wagg-words:2,566(gem shard earned)
scoop stacker:7,1239mystic feather earned)
perplexing paths:11,549
flipper fever:127,100(gem shard earned) ):
pyramid puzzler:22060(mystic hoop)
mix master scratch:8,349(gem shard SHOULD be earned)
muesuem mask mayhem:239,700(somehow,gem shard earned)
trixie's helicopter rescue:9,435
jade jumble:5076