Monday, January 21, 2008

More greetings from Funkiki Island

It's almost like a whole new game after the new portal for Funkiki Island was loaded. The first thing that happened was the kooties are making our Funkies dirty, but that's their way of showing affection. So I guess it's all good! First it was a bit annoying, now it's cute. There are washing stations all over Terrapinia now, so that's one of the major things making it different. It can take 5 washes to get all clean. First the mud comes off, then the flies, then the "smell", then the dusty dirt flying around (like "pigpen" of the Peanuts), then the dirty footprints.

There are no henchmen on Funkiki Island, but instead you have natives coming to take your coins or leave a coconut. I like this better. You at least have a better chance to keep the native from taking your coins. You have 3 tries to click on a spear that rotates around.

The maps have improved with the updates. I am not sure if this might have been an earlier update & we just weren't getting them due to our Vista problem, or maybe it is an update that came with the Funkiki Island updates. The map now clearly marks the location of the games, portals, washing stations, and stores.

Another cool thing is that each of the 4 Funkeys on Funkiki Island (Sol, Webley, Flurry and Nibble) can win something that will help them go somewhere they can't go now (like cross over the broken bridges, go over the lava, or piranha, or through the cave)

Everytime you pass a coconut tree, shake it to collect coconuts. You'll need them later in the game to use at the coconut store. First you'll need to get all 4 orbs (you'll get one for each special item you win from each game). If you want to know more after this, check out UB Funkey Facts or Funkey Fan Forum.

I've posted another postcard above that is one of the 4 you can send from the game, but your recipient won't know who sent it. You might want to follow it up with an email from yourself so they know it's okay to open!

If anyone would like us to send you a postcard from the game, you can send us an email at

[Here's an unofficial tip if you are running Windows Vista, or having an error loading the first time, you might want to back up your game file before you run the updates if you can.]

I earned "Great Mom" points!

Here are a couple things the parents might appreciate.........

While I was playing Webley's game the other night, Liam said to me, "you're a great mom because you like to play Funkeys as much as I do!" Well, then, I guess it was worth all the time spent playing the games with him (and after he goes to bed sometimes!)

One we were driving in the car last week, before we had any of the Funkiki Island Funkeys, Liam asked, "Mom, what's a soul?" It was out of the blue, so I had to think a minute if he was asking me the harder question about an inner soul, or maybe a sole of a shoe? I wasn't sure what he would have heard recently to prompt the question, so I asked a few questions before answering. It turns out he was asking about SOL, the Funkey.


Meems said...

Having Liam tell you "that you're a great Mom", is the best prize ever.

Anonymous said...

how do you get these items to let you cross bridges and lava and pirannas nad stuff?

Robyn said...

As far as I can tell, they appear to be random after playing the game for a while (similar to the shards). We got our web shooter for some "totally rad web moves", however I am unsure if the moves were special in any way!!! We won Sol's Ancient Helios Mask before we won the trophy, so we weren't doing too well with the game at that point.
If you don't mind, you can post this question in the forum I set up and we'll see if others have a better answer! (If you don't get a chance, I'll copy it over there eventually!!). Good question!

Anonymous said...

The way I did it was after I did the game a few times, I had won a couple of monkeys from each minigame, each one giving you an item that helps you get across certain spots. Once you go across all of the places and get the orbs, you go way up north to the scary looking door thing and place them in the sockets and the door opens up. I don't want to spoil too much, and I will let you figure out whats in there!

Hieinaraku said...

About what you said on windows Vista, I don't have windows Vista but Funkiki Island wont load at all! I have waited for about an hour, and it still wont go. What should I do? I have Sol, Flurry, and Webley and right now they feel like a waste of money!

Robyn said...

Once it starts working, you'll feel it was worth it! Do you have dial up? That has been a problem for some. If you haven't called Customer Support yet, you should try that first.
I did hear from someone else who had problems using dial-up and Mattel said they might start selling discs that you can load instead.
I believe Mattel's suggestion was to find someone else (a neighbor, perhaps) that has high speed internet that can load it, then you can copy it over to your computer. Not sure that's always possible though. That doesn't seem like an acceptable answer, but that's just my opinion! :)

Anonymous said...

some one help me please i need to know how many coconut trees there are on funkiki island see i dont have any funkiki island funkeys yet so it would be a great help thankyou:)

Anonymous said...

how man coconut trees are there on funkiki island

Robyn said...

I'm not certain how many trees, is it for a quest? You can try 41, but I'm not sure that's right, I just read it somewhere