Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greetings From U.B. Funkey's Funkiki Island

Funkiki Island is up and running. We had some minor set backs during the process of updating, but the Radica support folks think it's because we're running Windows Vista as our Operating System. We changed some of our security settings, but I'm not sure that's what let the update go through. All is well and working now, and it was worth waiting a day. The Funkeys for Funkiki Island aren't even supposed to be released yet anyway, so we can give the Radica/Mattel folks a break if any of it was due to the not-quite-ready updates!
Funkiki Island has been very fun. Liam has been playing on it whenever he has a spare moment all day yesterday and today. Today we added Flurry, but it's game wasn't easy to figure out on the first try, so we lost interest and went back to Webley's game. I won a trophy for Liam's game room with a score of 5,434. That was complete luck since it was the first time I played it & didn't know what I was doing! The next two times I played, I got very low scores and earned ZERO coins. Also won a web shooter with a score of 3,830, but I think it was the moves that won it. The game said my moves were "fly" (the game is about trapping flies). The web shooter is very cool, it allows you to get through dead-ends by covering it with webs so your Funkey can cross. Liam was able to fill in 2 breaks in the broken bridge and cross over.
I have more to comment on about these new updates, some are puzzling, some are very interesting. But I'll add more tomorrow.....kooties, washing stations, natives, coconuts, and map features are some.
(update - Liam went back to Flurry's game & figured it out all by himself, and he just only turned 6!)
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Anonymous said...


We won the webgun last night and our thought was that we could use it to span the bridge with the gaps, but we couldn't figure out how to make it work. Wanna share the secret?

We are looking forward to getting Sol, Flurry, Wasabi, and Nibble in the mail this week. Then we only be missing Tiki and Glub.

I have some more of the scores and such from the different games as we have most of them in our cribs. I'll add later when I'm at home and have access to them.

Robyn said...

Hi! Glad to see there are others hooked on the game! My son & I remembered differently about how we got the shooter to work the 1st time, so I just played the game again a few times to win another web shooter, this time under my login. I got lucky & won one! We walked up to the broken bridge and clicked ahead on the center piece and it automatically filled in the missing pieces. It showed Webley shooting the webshooter. If that doesn't work, you might want to go to your crib & bring it out of "my stuff", then try again to walk up to the bridge & click again. Let us know if that works, I'm curious!

Also, this time something different happened after we crossed the bridge, we couldn't move up the hill. Whereas, last time my son was able to go up to a big door & go through. There were a bunch of natives there & a pineapple king. There's more to that I can write about later, but I'd like to hear about how far you can get.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn,

We tried under each of our log-ins and both times managed to get the web shooter to work and go up the hill. The orb fit in the door at the top. Nothing else happened either time.

Robyn said...

So you couldn't go through the door? Hmmmm. Well, I did read somewhere that the game changes, but I wouldn't expect it to change in that way.

wisteriatayu said...

My daugther got thru the door last night. Was able to get to the pineapple king...told her you needed to bring a worthy gift to talk to him. The one little store there told her she needed a gem to enter. We have about 3/4 of two of them and parts of two more.

Anonymous said...


We were able to get the web shooter as well (under only one id though). We put one of the orbs into the door but it did not open. I have a feeling we will have to collect all the orbs before the door will open?

We have been playing the funkiki island games over and over and over trying to figure out how to get the next tools needed to fill in the rest of the gaps - like over the water, through the tunnel and the other lava area. Has anyone found what is needed to cross these? We have had some pretty high scores and have won trophies. I don't know if you get these prizes randomly or how it works. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Robyn said...

As I understand it, you are right that you need all 4 orbs to open the door. We were able to go through the door with only one orb (as if it is a crack in the door) and wander around with the natives, but I wonder if that is a fluke. But after all 4 orbs, you should get a golden pineapple at some point to take to the Pineapple King who is behind the door.
It appears random to win the other things (glowing mask, bucket of chum, a snow suit or something like that), seems similar to the shards - appearing after playing many times.
Are you getting all the updates? There some things not working for us like not winning coins after we got the web shooter in Webley, and not winning the spider monkey with a really high score, so I'm going to have to let the updates go through (it's a Vista thing, I think!?)and see if all works again.

Reese said...

How will I know if we are getting updates? We do not have Vista, so is it safe to assume that when we log in, we are using the latest version?

Today we won the bucket of chum and were able to feed the man eating fish, cross the river and place another orb in the door.

I also had a proud moment in that I FINALLY figured out the Flurry game. My mouse was making it so difficult to do the moves. So I tried using the space bar instead to setup the move and then the arrow keypad to type in the moves and it worked like a charm. I also finally figured out how to do the circular rotations (orange for forward and blue for backward). For those who are new to the game, you can hit the up, right, down, left, up arrows quickly in that order and you will get that move. And the reverse order for the other direction. I found using the arrow keypad and spacebar the easiest way to get the moves. High score was $10K and we won a trophy.

My kids and I are HOOKED. We have been ordering some of the figures on ebay because they are so hard to find in the stores. One thing I found with ebay is that if you do an advanced search on "buy it now" items, you can save yourself some money. I purchased a white glub for $9.99 while all the auctions I saw were anywhere from $15 to $20 before shipping.

Robyn said...

Hi Reese!
If you are connected to the internet, you should get any updates everytime you open the Funkeys game.You should get the message that it is checking for anything new in Terrapinia. Someone on the support line told me they are making updates all the time. I just don't always let them go through (I click cancel) until I back up my current game files (based on a bad experience!)

Good advice on the Flurry game. I'm going to try that! I've got to get all 4 orbs!!!

I'm selling some Funkeys on Ebay right now, but I feel guilty making too much money off them! So I list them at my cost + listing fees and let it go as far as the folks want to take it! There are a lot of people who enjoy the bidding aspect. But I think I will start listing some as "buy it now" because then you get it quicker too!
If there are some you are looking for, let me know & I'll see what I can do. I want to help out the readers of my blog!


Anonymous said...

My son has all four orbs and nothing has happened as far as a "worthy gift",...does anyone know how to get the worthy gift??

Robyn said...

Hi Michelle,
Please check out the Funkey Fan Forum and I'll post something over there. Not sure if this would be considered a spoiler or not, so I'll post it over there under spoilers just in case! Maybe I'll add a poll to see what people think before I post it here!

Anonymous said...

First off - if you have all the orbs and cant get through the door make sure to put them in the sockets, and once you get in there, the worthy gift is a golden pinapple, which you can find by going around shaking trees, and after some coconuts, it should fall out. After you give him the golden pinapple you can then access stuff from the shop, and instead of coins you pay with coconuts. (No, you don't actually need a gem.)

thuss said...


I have already earned three out of four in Funkiki island. I have sol's ancient helios mask
webleys sacred web shooter
Nibble secret chum recipe
but I can't get flurry's item. I have been tring for two weeks now.
I have the monkey and the trophy. Do you guys no what to do.

Tom said...

I have all of them but the snow suit. How do you get it ive been tring for 2 wees. Can you help me.

billy4032 said...

no becuse i don't how too

Robyn said...

Hi Tom, you just have to keep playing! It will come, and it's usually just when you're about to give up!
Good Luck, and let us know if you finally win it.

Anonymous said...

From SHEL2 (funkey username),

I defeted Master Lox, got every trophy, and got the gems for Funkiki Island,Nightmare Rift, Daydream Oasis,Hidden Realm, and The Royalton Racing Complex. I have about 8,000,000 coins and every item so far. I can't wait for the new updates!I'm usually online so you can add me to your buddy list if you want.I have the
4.5 trunk update.I have 53 funkeys including U.B.!If you post a comment I'll tell you how to get everything!