Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Facts and tips

* If you don't see what you wanted to buy in one of the virtual Funkey marts, just leave the mart and come immediately right back in. There is usually a different selection, sometimes an item is added. Most of the time there will be more color selections.
I also heard that the rare Funkeys have different items to choose when they go to a mart, but I haven't confirmed that myself.

*When you are walking around Magma Gorge, click on the white things sticking up from the ground. Similarly, in Laputa Station, click on the junk.

* Get 50 extra coins by entering this code: iluvfunkeys345
Enter it under "options" on the same screen where you choose "login". The code comes from the UBFunkeys website under "Downloads/codes & tips"

These were just some random things that I wanted to add to my previous posts.


Kewl said...

I have a game cheat:
In Twinx Dream, hold down the spacebar and don't release it and you'll see a random rainbow/cloud/sun explode.

jairo m. said...

THANK U!!!!!!!!!