Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some U.B. Funkey Facts

I thought I'd list a few quick answers to the questions so many people are asking...........

What is a U.B. Funkey?

U.B. is the hub, and the fun-loving creatures that link up to it are the Funkeys. It is a virtual world (similar to the Webkinz idea) where the Funkeys explore and play mini-games in different zones. They win coins for playing the games, and trophys and other items for high scores. The coins are used for purchasing items to decorate their "cribs". Can more than one user share the U.B. hub? Yes, we know that at least 5 players can create login names, although only one player at time can play.

How do I avoid the henchmen?
A hoodwink will protect your coins from the henchmen. But if you don't have a hoodwink, if you have alot of coins and really need to avoid him, you can quit the game real quick! Or exit to your crib. However, sometimes he's still out there waiting. But I did find one time after I waited a while & came back, the coast was clear. If he does get you, click on the button as fast as you can and you won't loose as many coins. However, if your coins are on the low end, the button pushing doesn't seem to make a difference.

How I do get a hoodwink?
As your Funkey is exploring in one of the zones, you will come across a small spark-looking object. It starts as little bubbles coming out of the ground and then turns to a sparkle. Click on it and you will have a hoodwink.

Which Funkeys are Rare and Very Rare?
There is a book in the Terrapinia library located in Funkeystown that lists all the Funkeys. After you select one, you'll see them pictured in order of normal, rare, and very rare.

Which Funkeys unlock each of the zones?

Magma Gorge: Wasabi, Stitch, Deuce, and Bones

Laputa Station: Vroom, Boggle, Xener, and Fallout

Kelpy Basin: Glub, Sprout, Tiki, and Twinx

Funkiki Island: Nibble, Flurry, Webley, and Sol

Funkeystown mini-games& mart: Lotus and Scratch

UPDATE on 3/22/08: You can find more on the Rare Funkeys on my other blog . And the glitch that is posted in the comment section is now fixed, so unfortunately that trick doesn't work for us anymore.


Anonymous said...

Just a note on the rare and very rare funkeys.

My daughter and I discovered that once you are in a store that you can switch from the character that can enter the store to any other funkey. The advantage of this is that you can access the rare and very rare items without having a rare or very rare of every single funkey.

Cheating of sorts...but much easier on the pocketbook that wanting all three of each character.

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Anonymous said...

The version 2.6 update seems to fix this litle "glitch" of being able access rare and very rare items without actually having a rare or very rare funkey. I haven't been able to do this trick since the update.

Anonymous said...

Another way to prevent the henchmen from stealing your coins, is to get all 4 gem shards from that zone. There will be no more henchmen in that zone.

Anonymous said...

version 3.0 is really good at recognizing funkeys when you switch them out of the u.b.

Anonymous said...

i got version 3.15 !