Monday, January 28, 2008

O Shard, Shard! Wherefore art thou Shard? (u.b. funkeys)

Let's talk about shards, shall we? After emailing with Karl yesterday (please see previous post), something he said had me thinking that we might need to buy every Funkey to complete a step in the game. That step being to complete a gemstone in a zone & getting rid of the henchmen. Karl noticed that there are 4 shards for each zone that have 4 Funkeys, and 2 shards for Funkeystown that have 2 Funkeys with their special access there. That sure is sounding like one shard for each Funkey game! Neither of us have noticed a pattern yet for getting the shards. It appears to be random to me because we've played 5 games in a row (2 different games) and got a shard. But then other times we've played more & did not get any. I haven't been tracking if the shards were earned for different games, but I'll start doing that. If anyone has the answer to this, we'd love to hear it! {please see comment below this post for more good info.}

I'm a frugal person, so I didn't want to buy ALL of the Funkeys for each zone in order to get a full shard. However, for Funkiki Island, from what I know so far, you will need all 4 Funkeys in order to get the Pineapple King what he wants. I just realized, there are no henchmen on Funkiki Island, so there might not be shards to earn there. Hmmmm, does anyone know that one? But the Pineapple King wants a golden pineapple and you need a gem to get into the coconut store (I think all that is correct) maybe we will get shards for that gem.

On the topic of not buying every Funkey, here's a tip offered by a poster below (posted in the comment section under Some Funkey Facts)........."My daughter and I discovered that once you are in a store that you can switch from the character that can enter the store to any other funkey. The advantage of this is that you can access the rare and very rare items without having a rare or very rare of every single funkey."
[update 4/08: This glitch has been fixed with the 2.6 update. Click here to read about it]

That's cool, very cool. Was that you, wisteriatayu, that posted that comment as well as the others? Thanks for all the great info.

Liam is giving me a rare green Vroom for my birthday this week, so I'll get to try that out! So I should be able to use my one rare Funkey and do the switcheroo all over & get to see the rare items. Can't wait!


wisteriatayu said...

Was indeed us who posted the comment about the switching funkeys once in a store.

Lily and I decided to create a third log-in to track the shards. We think there is indeed a tie-in to the games from each area. Funkey town picks up its other two gem shards from the Funk-Jong game you pick up in Pondering Park and the Mask Mayhem game from the museum. We haven't picked up a pattern of playing that results in getting a shards. We have played some games 9 times and ended up with one and others over 20 times with no shard. Score certainly doesn't appear to be a factor as we have the shard from Scratch's game and we both absolutely stink at it.

I did manage to get a complete gem under my log-in and went to the store by the pineapple luck getting in through. Haven't retried it as we decided to try the third log-in and have been focusing on it.

Anonymous said...

well i got a high score of 20,552 on the deuce's game. apparently thats what u need to get the shard 4 that game.

Anonymous said...

It seems each game requires you play it so many times and then you get the shard for it. Longer games require less plays. For example: Funkjongg is played for 10 minutes almost every time, and it only took me 3 times where others took about 10. After you get the shard, whatever place you got the shard from should have no more henchmen.

For Funkiki Island's sake, there is a gem, but can be more puzzling to get. After you get in the door and talk to the pinapple king, you should shake coconut trees and eventually find a golden pinapple.(I know, weird)Then it will put you through a little story and you find a little yellow gem. The natives in Funkiki Island will no longer chase you anymore after that!

Anonymous said...

i think you just have to play the game aton to get it

Hieinaraku said...

The shards are randomly gotten throughout the games. Play all the games a bunch of time and get one. As to the rare thing, I am not sure, I have two rare funkeys (Webley and Flurry) and switch in stores all the time, but some of the same stuff pops up. To the guy who talks about record rampage, My highscore on that game is 21,450 and I do not have the gem shard yet, so the score doesn't realy matter.

Khemir said...

24175 is my highest score on Duece's game, so it is definately obvious that highest scores have nothing to do with scard-obtaining. I got my shard when I only had the highest score of 20,000 on the game. I got one from Lotus's game and I don't have a trophy for it yet. So, yeah.

yoyoboy97 said...

no you got to finish every funkiki island game cause the items you get are magic and thay help you to get the golden pinapple using orbs
and there is no shards but orbs

here is the guid to get the
golden pinapple

First off, play all the mini-games on the island until you are sore. With
all of the four characters. Nibble's chum bucket, Sol's ancient helio mask,
Flurry's snowman suit, and Webley's web shooter will soon be obtained with
awesome scores.

Now, you can use each of these items. You can cross the piranna by the bridge
by using the chum bucket with Nibble, to get access to an orb, the first one
you need.

Using Sol's ancient helio mask, go to the cave on the western island. It's
normally too dark to enter, but with the helio mask you can enter. Inside
is the second orb.

Now after doing a good job with Flurry and obtaining his/her snowman suit,
you can enter the lava, erm, somewhere. Heh, just look for the rocky areas.
Cross it and get the orb. (you can actually see this one without having to
use it)

After you get the totally awesome web shooter with Webley (you'd think he'd
already be able to do this) you can go to the trench on the western island.
Shoot to that orb and collect it. That's number four!

THen you can go to a volcano and to a door. Place the orbs in there, and
the door to the natives will open. You must then shake a Coconut Tree for a
Golden Pineapple, and give it to him. Now, all those coconuts you collect are
four good will - because there's a coconut shop that uses coconuts with cool


Anonymous said...

record rampage is easy

my highscore was 31,625

kelly dodson said...

My son, Ben, would like to know how to get to the other side of Funkiki Island. Can you tell us how to get to the other side? Give specific steps. Thank you.

Robyn said...

Hi Kelly, If you mean to get to the volcano, then please see the comment from JAC that is 2 above your comment.
I initially considered that a spoiler, but since so many want to know (actually, we NEED to know in order to know the objective of the game!), I decided to leave it up. It is a good step-by-step instruction.
If you need more clarification, please let me know....or better yet, if you visit the FunkeyFanForum (see link on sidebar of blog), the answer is most likely there. I wrote some things over there a long time ago so I don't remember now exactly what. But you can ask questions there and many more people are available to answer (in case I don't get to answering questions before long).
Thank you for your question, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Dalek Cam said...

I know what the shards are for! what happens is you play all the games in all of the areas (you need every single funkey to do this) you unlock the shards from the games. the shards that are the same colour go together to make a gem. when you have made all of the gems from all of the shards you will get a message saying you have defeated master lox. you will find out that master lox is really dr. Tinker and was trying to steal the gems but the porals blew up. it will tell you about all of the celebrations going on but then dr. TInker escapes to daydream oasis and nightmare rift. when you catch him you have completed the game and will be able to go everywhere freely!

Anonymous said...

I got Scratch's and Lotus' Gem shards and I still need to complete the funkeystown one