Friday, August 8, 2008

Daydream Oasis update & Funkeys at the end of the month

I did not hear this firsthand myself, and usually I do the research before posting news, but I believe this is from a reliable source........I received an email from NeonMaster who spoke to Mattel/Radica yesterday and was informed that the Daydream Oasis update will occur at the end of the month, along with the release of the Daydream Oasis Funkeys!

{I'll just add a little disclaimer here: Even when an update or release is scheduled, sometimes it can be delayed. If that happens, please don't hold it against the messenger, or this blog, or Mattel (depending on the reason....LOL). But I'll still report what I hear because most of the time it does come through as reported. Thanks!}

One more thing to share from the email:
NeonMaster called Mattel/Radica yesterday because of Funkeys not working properly, and they gave some solutions.

"If a screen appears when you put a Funkey in saying:
'Something is wrong, can you check it for me?' and asks you to Quit Game, first
try and move the funkey around in the hub. If that doesn't work, get a dry cloth
or tissue and rub the funkey's feet. If it still doesn't work, please go to and click on 'Contact Us' and scroll down to Radica and call


Pteprocks said...


NeonMaster said...

I tried calling Radica today,and no one picked up. strange.

I got there number. it's:


Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

Did you call before 11am EST? I just checked their hours and on Saturdays, they open later than weekdays.
M- F: 9am - 7pm EST
Sat: 11am - 5pm

Or maybe their phones are just ringing off the hook with all the people calling to confirm that Daydream Oasis is really scheduled for the end of the month! LOL
I'm joking, of course!
But keep in mind, everyone, that it is a technical helpline, so they don't always have the marketing & distribution information. But we do get to sneak in some non-technical questions every once in a while when we are calling about a technical problem!

Anonymous said...

The can you check your funkey constantly appears for me. I sent them an e-mail many many months ago suggestion they make little protective 'slipper's for the funkey's. Wouldn't that be cute. I can't believe they make something for 8 year olds and the feet are so delicate if you scratch it it's dead!

Anonymous said...

Do we know if they are also fixing the problem when we create a unique funkey name. Did that by mistake now my son can't access anything he had.

NeonMaster said...

Lol, yeah, I call between hours. When you call out of the hours, it tells you that they're closed.

If that joke WAS true, I think the guy who told me would be fired by now. lol!

Anonymous said...

The check your funkey thing: I have known that since I got the funkeys. My friend told me what to do and that it happens all the time. By the way, my friend's funkeys stopped working, it always says to check to see if the hub is plugged in. I told her to try resetting the hub by unplugging it and plugging it back in but it still says the same thing. Should I have her call the Mattel hotline or the Radica hotline? And what are the numbers?

Robyn said...

This is to Anonymous who has the incorrect password problem ~ you can email me if you'd like & I'll fill you in on the latest that I found out. I'll try to do a post on it, but not sure how soon I can get to it.
My email is
Supposedly the problem was fixed going forward, but if you already had the problem, the only solution Mattel will tell you is to reinstall, but then you'll loose everything as well. There is something you can try, but it's not guaranteed, but could be worth it. Just don't reinstall the software least make a copy of your game files, then you can try some steps that were listed in an earlier post. Email me & I'll give more details. Thanks.