Friday, August 1, 2008

Our New Funkeys ~ Rewind, Vlurp, Waggs, and Ptep

Last week we finally found Waggs, Vlurp, and Ptep at Toys R Us. We've been so busy playing that I haven't updated the blog about them! Today we found the Chat Funkeys at Toys R Us. But no sign of Drift around these parts!

I'll do another post about Chat Funkeys because there are many interesting features, it deserves it's very own post!

Thanks to everyone who reported on where they have found the Dream State Funkeys......

Mellafunk made a great find today when she found all of the Chat Funkeys at a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas for $10.22. She also picked up a Rare Drift! The Toys R Us near her had them, but they were having major pricing problems. Watch out for Toys R Us, they have had various pricing problems on many of the Dream State Funkeys all over the country as Joseph from the Bronx first warned us, and I have experienced it as well.

Mellafunk's find at Walmart was much better than $14.99 that I paid today for Chat Funkeys at Toys R US in Sterling, Va.

"UNC" kindly reported that he found Vlurp, Ptep, Waggs and Drift at a TRU in Memphis, TN. last week. And now he has a complete Funkey collection after his recent find of all four Chat Funkeys at a Target halfway between Memphis and SouthHaven Miss.
Jeremy in Mass. also had good luck yesterday when he found all four Chat Funkeys at TRU
It's odd, so far we're finding all four when we find any. It's as if the store just unloaded a box and the first person who gets there buys the complete set. So you're either lucky or not!


Anonymous said...

I found Ptep at Target for my son, but it was ringing up $10.99 has a twin chat pack. Really annoyed at checkout. Took it back to the department and even he was annoyed at how the bar codes were ringing up. Nevertheless, I did it Ptep for the regular Target price after he walked me up to customer service and told them to do it.
Just a warning to others.. Take note of the price..

Robyn said...

Thanks for that warning!

Gunnar said...

I live in South Florida and i found(and bought) Waggs, Vlurp, Ptep, and Gabby. I got Waggs, Vlurp and Ptep at Walmart and i got the Gabby at TRU. The TRU had all the chats but i only had enough money for one.

Pteprocks! said...

What about me? I told you a long time ago that I found Rare Drift and Common Waggs at a Wal-mart in Western North Carolina while I was on vacation there. Specifically Asheville. Oh, and their games contribute to the purple Gem. I got a shard from Flipper Fever and my Mom got a shard from Wagg-words.

Robyn said...

I'm so sorry to leave you out, Pteprocks! That wasn't intentional, it must have been in a comment already on here when you said that, so I was thinking of the email & reports from FunkeyFanForum that the blog readers haven't heard about yet.
But I do remember reading that now because I was thinking how we had really good luck at the Walmarts along I95 in NC when searching for rare series one & Funkiki a while back.
Thanks for adding it on here!

Annie said...

I already have the full gem for Funkeytown, the purple one and I don't have any dream state funkeys?

Just wondering does your gem get reset or something?

Robyn said...

That's a good question, Annie. From I've heard others say, it sounds like you might still need to win the gem shards for the new games even though it doesn't show on full gems in the trophy room. I'm not positive, but I heard that even when the gems were all complete (Funkeystown gem was complete before Drift & Waggs were added), they didn't get the message at the end about Master Lox.
Does anyone else know the answer to this?