Friday, August 8, 2008

Interactive crib items for Chat Funkeys

This is really cool. With the Chat Funkeys, you can now buy items that are interactive. You can "play" in the cribs now. That makes it more fun when you visit a friend's crib. And it's so funny to see the items moving, knowing that there's a real person out there on the other end making them move!

There are at least 2 items in each Chat Funkey's mart that move when you click on them. The interactive items that I have purchased for the crib pictured above are a Red Radio from Holler's mart, a Binary Bang (firecracker thing that is going off in the picture and it spells "FUNKEY") from Rom's mart, and Pink Kisses from Gabby's mart. You can see some of the kisses that the lip blew, they are very light in picture, but they are small white kisses floating around.


Anonymous said...

I know the owner of this crib!
His name is "Cruz" and he is on the Official Funkeys Forums.

Robyn said...

This crib is actually mine, but I think the one you meant to post under is the picture I put up on August 10 called "The Dot Shot Trophy". You are right, that one turned out to be Cruz's crib.
Thanks for the comment!
If you talk to Cruz, please ask him if he's okay with the picture up on my blog, thanks!

Charlie said...

Wicked picture I am getting rewind soon!