Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More on the Chat Funkeys!

Here are more observations, and a question, that we have after a bit more experience playing with our Chat Funkey. We always love hearing from anyone who wants to add anything, or correct us, or answer a question. You are welcome to ask questions of your own as well!

In our limited experience, we'd say the first thing you'll want to do is buy a virtual cellphone from the Chat Funkey's mart. The cellphone will allow you to activate the chat functions at all times during the game, whether you are walking around Terripinia or in your crib.

You don't need a cellphone (aka Fphone) for someone else to "call you" to add you to friend list. However, if you do not have a cell phone, your chat functions will only work in the chat room inside the Chat Funkey's Chat House.

As for the Funk Fone, that will only work in your crib. We discovered that we really didn't need to spend our coins on it afterall because the cell phone will accomplish the same thing. With just a cellphone, you can also invite other Funkeys to come visit your crib.

[blog edit on 8/13/08: I need to add a warning not to go "hog wild" in adding too many friends to your buddy list. It will become full at some point & you can only delete names if they are on-line. The problem we are running into now is that Liam was accepting every invite while in the chatroom when he first got started, but now most of those names haven't been on-line at the same time so we can't remove any of them.]

Other Funkey Friends roaming your crib

It is so funny (maybe even a bit creepy at times) to see other Funkeys walking around in your crib. They should only be there if you invited them, but yesterday we had a random Funkey wander in while we had some other invited Funkeys in there. We checked the "friend list" and he wasn't on there. Does anyone have any idea how that would happen?

Access to the Chat Room from your Crib's Game Room:

We're not sure what Liam did to get Rewind's Chat Room in his crib, one time he just walked in and he got the message, "congratulations, you can now access the chat room from your crib's game room".

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Pteprocks said...

Really? When I bought a Phone Booth (Holler's Funkeys Fone) Mayor Sayso said I needed that to invite friends over. But the Funkeys Fones are cheaper too... Still, I wasted 1,000 coins?

Pteprocks said...

And I forgot to mention: I got the Holler Chat for my game room. But for some reason whenever I use my game room nobody is there...? Maybe a glitch, but I still go to Ufunk studios every time because it's right there when you log in anyway.

Carter said...

Hey, have they started releasing chat funkeys in singles? I want to get a Gabby but I already have a Sprout, the funkey that comes with the Gabby in a double pack.

lilaq said...

i got gabby and rewind but i wanted rewind because he came with a vroom which i didnt have and i found tiki at target! now all i need is gulp to have everyone in wave 1 and then i need 3 more from wave 2 and 2 more chat funkeys and 2 more from nightmare rifft and 4 more from daydream oises and the ones that come out this december and the ones that come oput in 2009 and dot and bandit wow thats like 30! but once u start collecting them u can not stop!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

to get the chat rooms in my crib all i did was stay there for like 1hour soo i just left my funkeys in the chat funkeys room and letf

Robyn said...

Pteprocks ~ were you connected to the internet when that happened?
btw, is your unique funkey name pteprocks? If so, you declined our friend request! :(

Carter ~ I haven't seen any Chats in single packs yet.

Lilaq ~ I agree, there's no stopping once you start!

Anonymous ~ Thanks for the tip, that answers the question!

Anonymous said...

how do you even get to the funkeys chat mart of whatever its called. do you hav to hav a chat funkey or can you do it with anyone's funkey?

Anonymous said...

when i go to a chat room game it said closed for cleaning i do have a unique name its called justbizz its not working it said closed for cleaning.come back later i stay to 1 hour says the same thing please help !!!!