Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hints of things to come in Daydream Oasis

We're getting hints of new things to come in the UB Funkey game. If you have a Chat Funkey already, you've most likely already stumbled upon this. There are phrases already set up for the future additions to the game.
Multi-player games
We realize it isn't news that there will be multi-player games, but this was good to see (in the picture) that we now have a clue to which ones they will be; Lucky, Snipe, Sprocket, and Dyer.
Names of future games
Coral Cruiser
Bombastic Billiards
Rock'em Sock'em Sprocket
Scoop Stacker
Jongg Challenge
Rainbow Shootout
I haven't seen anything official yet as to which characters the games go to, but I did see that someone listed it out on the Funkey Fan Forum. I'll check that out and follow up here.
Things you can do in Daydream Oasis
Pick Flowers
Defeat the Villain (no big surprise on this one!)
Gumball Machine


Pteprocks said...

I think you got the hint that Rock'em Sock'em Sprocket is Sprocket's game, right?
Bombastic Billiards: Snipe
Scoop Stacker: Berger
Coral Cruiser: Tank
Rainbow Shootout: Lucky
Jongg Challenge: Dyer
Jongg Challenge is probably gonna be people playing Funk-Jongg against each other. I think it's who can clear the most tiles or if you clear them all who can do it fastest. My Dad loves Funk-Jongg (That's my secret to saving coins!) and Dyer is his favorite funkey, so I think he'll be happy when Dyer comes out and we get him.
Also, the rooms from Daydream Oasis are called:
The Dyer Digs (in the Mushroom Forest.)
The Lucky Palace
The Tank Funkmarine
The Berger Haus
There are two cleaning stations in Daydream Oasis, just like Nightmare Rift. One is actually called "Daydream Clean 1"! At least in the chat. I'm not sure if the following is true: The Daydream Portal is Light Blue with Purple Daydream curls located just north of the Funkeystown Shopping Center, very close to the Nightmare Rift portal. The Daydream Gem MAY be white, if there is a gem. :I'm not sure if the preceding is true. I hope I helped!

NeonMasterAndVroom said...

I've been playing Vroom's game for awile now and I've earned a stunt cannon and the game in my game room with a score of 640.
I'll keep you guys posted with more info soon.

NeonMaster & Vroom

FERBROX said...

Guess what happend?Liam didn't want to be my friend!

UBF Blogger Mom said...

Oops! Liam is going on-line now & he'll send you a friend request. His dad told him not to accept it when it happened (I wasn't here at the time and didn't know about it). His dad just didn't "get it" that it's okay to accept those things! :)