Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Dot Shot Trophy

NeonMaster, a Funkey Fan who started visiting here recently, has found a crib that shows the Dot Shot Trophy. I didn't want this to be a spoiler, but judging from the latest poll set up on the sidebar of this blog, no one is opposed to spoiling the surprise so here it goes..............

[Just after I posted this, I noticed there was one voter on the poll (out of 60 so far) who doesn't want to see this. So, if that someone comes back to visit, please cover your eyes until you scroll down a couple pages!]

Can you spot the Dot Shot Trophy all the way on the right side? The crib's name is "Cruzer" and you can visit it & get a closer look by riding the Funkey's crib tram at Grand Funkey Station.

Here's a screen shot of the Cruzer Crib that shows a little ladybug in the center. Isn't it cute?


Pteprocks said...

That's Cruz's crib! He has Dot?!? O.O He has over a thousand posts on He's one of the three "Insanely Famous" at least I call them that. Hee-hee.

Robyn said...

He might not know that I posted it, unless he reads this blog. If you get a chance, you can ask him if he's okay with it. If not, I'll take it down. But I assume that if we save a crib for the world to see on the Funkey Crib Tram, then we don't mind sharing our hard earned creation with the world! I hope I'm right about that!
Great job, Cruz!

NeonMaster said...

Actually, that's where I found his crib.
on his signature, he said,

Visit my crib, cruzer!

it's one wicked crib, that's for sure!

funkey said...

cool crib

Anonymous said...

That Dot score looks fishish, the dot game only goes to 10.