Saturday, August 30, 2008

UB Funkey Tank from Dream State, Daydream Oasis on Ebay now!

Thanks to the two who alerted me that Tank is on Ebay, and thanks for link that someone sent to me! I didn't find him on Ebay last night when I searched.

I've added a widget to my sidebar, so if you bid on Tank (I saw that Pteprocks left a comment that his mom said they might bid), please go through the link on the widget. Whenever you buy anything through Ebay or Amazon and click through the links on my sidebar, that will help support this site. Thanks!

[update later the same day: Bidding has ended for the Tank that was up today. The winning bid was $52.00. There was also a Tank sold earlier today as a "buy it now" for $24.95]

Both of the Tanks on Ebay are in Texas. And the one other report I heard so far was from someone in Utah.
I hope the rest of us start seeing some soon!

As of Sept 1st, there is at least one more Tank, and 2 Bergers on Ebay now.


lilaq said...

i didnt find any new ones today tear tear but im gonna go to target to check

lilaq said...

hey go to and then type in funkeys, then ull get 10 matches.go to the last one and click on it for a bigger picture and it will say fun pack adventure. it comes with sol and the pineapple king and a pine apple guard and the tour guide on funkiki island i htink hes called jerry heres a link on to his picture all u have to do is scroll down

Anonymous said...

I found tank at target in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Found the blue & white tank at Target in Southaven, MS