Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let's Chat about the Chat Funkeys!

Chat Funkeys! Yep, they're finally turning up in the Toys R Us, Target, & Walmart stores more frequently.

We did find all four yesterday, but since Toys R Us prices are a bit higher ($14.99), I let Liam pick just one for now. Perhaps we'll expand the collection when we find them at Walmart for $10.22. I'm thinking about that one.........

Of course we will! Who am I kidding? I'll need one of each, I'm already committed to this UB Funkey collecting habit, there's no turning back now!

If you don't have a Chat Funkey yet and would like to be surprised by it all, then you might want to stop reading now. However, if you want to know more, or if you are a parent who would like a preview before your child steps into a more interactive part of the UB Funkey game, then I hope this will help.

Here is a screen shot of our Funkey inside of Rewind Roost interacting with other players. All of the other Funkeys you see when you enter the room are real people with their Funkeys. If you click on the Funkey, you'll see their Unique Funkey Name come up as, "Hello! My name is ____"

Some of you might be wondering why different Funkeys are in the picture. It was actually quite funny, everyone started out as Rewind because that is how you enter Rewind Roost. But then everyone started switching out their Funkeys to keep turning into different ones. I was laughing so hard as we were doing it. We were actually interacting with other Funkey players who we didn't know, and could never know who these people are because you cannot communicate with them personally. But we were communicating in a unique way because we were showing the others which Funkeys we have and it was fun to see them all!

[Elephant Don & BillyX ~ if you're out there, BB2 was Liam and we were having a blast "playing"]

I had lots of questions when we first started with the Chat Funkey, as you might, so I'll answer some of them:

Are the Chat Funkeys safe?

Yes, it appears completely safe. All dialog is pre-set and then selected by the player in different combinations. I believe this is called "safe chat". There is no option to freely type anything.

Can I only chat with my friends?

No, you can chat with whomever else is in the same "chat house" at the same time.
However, to chat with someone outside of the Chat House, they will need to be on your "buddy list".

What's up with the cell phones?

You don't need a virtual cell phone to chat in the "roost" or other Chat House's, but if you have a cell phone then you can travel throughout Terrapinia & still chat. The cell phone in Rewind's mart cost 2,100 coins, so start saving up now!

What was the biggest surprise of what you can do with a Chat Funkey?

We were invited to someone's crib and actually "went" there and explored! It was amazing! I am not completely sure how to do that * (A Funkey Fone is involved edited, thanks to pteprocks!), but Liam was invited by "Pokeman", and then Pokemon's crib, game room, trophy room, and garage were up on our screen & our Funkey could walk all around and explore it the same way we do ours!
* After playing with Rewind more, we now know that after you buy a Funkey's Fone, you can use it in your crib to invite a friend to chat in your crib. The friend must be someone who is on your buddy list. If you buy the Funkey's Fone at the Rewind-Market, it will be a "Squawk box". To activate the controls, you'll need to click on the Funkey head in the upper left corner of your screen. You can also invite friends to your crib with a cell phone, you just need to be in your crib when you invite them.

If Pokemon reads this ~ You have a very cool crib & garage. If you want to share your crib name, Liam would love to see it again.
We were very impressed with Pokemon's trophy room. I got a screen shot of it, it looks very complete. There were more trophys when we scrolled to the right.


apryl8 said...

WOW, I don't know where you live, but here in MO at Toys R Us they are 7.99, Target 5.99, Walmart 4.84. We have Drift at Toys R Us here, but we have not gotten it yet.

Robyn said...

It's only the Chat pack (with one chat & one "bonus" from series 2) that costs $14.99 from TRU & $10 something from Walmart. Sorry if I didn't type that the right way!
The prices you quoted are the same we find around here for the single Funkeys. But now that you mention it, I'm starting to wonder if we'll see the Chat Funkeys packaged as singles any time soon. Hmmmm

Speaking of prices, beware of what someone posted in a previous comment section that a Dream State Funkey found at Target was ringing up as the Chat pack price. And there have been pricing problems with the Chat Packs at TRU as well. Some weren't coming up at in their system.

prolo245 said...

i brought a Rom today, so excited!!

my mum is picking it up on Wednesday!

Pteprocks said...

We're going to Wal-Mart today and I'm really hoping they have Chats or Nightmare funkeys there. As I said, I already found Drift and Waggs, so I'm not anxious about those. I really want Rom and Ptep! I can do without Vlurp and the other chats for a while (I heard Sprocket and Snipe are multiplayer and come with bonuses, so I'm afraid that one will come with Vlurp. Then again, I have all the Chat bonuses and I'm not afraid about those...) Oh, and to invite someone to your crib, you need a Funk-phone, the Cell-phone isn't involved. Oh, and 2,000 coins is chump change to me, I have 32,467!

Robyn said...

Thanks for the Funk-phone correction, I edited that. I suppose I better play some more so I can learn more!
You're better than Liam in saving, he was back down to 1 coin when he started with Rewind. I'll need to create my own Unique name so I can chat on my own log-in, I have more coins on mine!

Pteprocks ~ send me an email sometime on, I think you might live around the same area where I grew up & where my mother lives. If so, you might go to the same Walmart where I have my mom checking & I can tell you when they're in!

Pteprocks said...

Awesome! Oh, and no luck at Wal-mart, but on the way home my Mom stopped at Target and they had a Very Rare Waggs and Holler! Holler is so fun that I was too busy to post about it yesterday. Tee-hee. They even had an empty shelf marked, "UB Funkeys Dream State Nightmare Single" So on the way home from his work I sent my Dad to check if they restock their shelves whenever they're empty today. I really want them!
Anyway, I lost my email adress a while back for "Inactivity". I say I was perfectly active! But I could send an email from my mom's name.

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog! I got all four chats at walmart yesterday.
I was so surprised. But I live in LA and my walmart
had all four of them and more the one's left are rom,gabby,Rewind,Holler, and one more I forgot...
But still no Waggs,Ptep,Vlurp,and Drift here.
Good Luck on your search and thanks for putting cool posts!

Kewl said...

You guys are so lucky to actually be able to buy Funkey single packs. I'm from Canada and all they sell here are the starter packs from the first series. A couple weeks ago my family went down to Minneapolis and I was ucky to find Boggle, Sol, Bones, Webley, Flurry, Nibble and Trixie. I only have 9 Funkeys. It's sad...

Anonymous said...

Hia Guys,
I just wanna say that you guys have a awsome collection! I wish I had all those Funkeys! I've only got 15! but I would realy like you to know that I think your sit3e is one of the most informative U.B Funkeys Sites that there is! I realy love the way it is a mother and son activity. I bet you guys have loads of fun working on the site! Good work Liam and your mum!!!

Anonymous said...

what do u need t do if your chat funkey isn't working?

Robyn said...

Hi Anonymous from Dec. 5 (2 comments up above) ~ Thanks for the compliment! Comments like that keep us going!

Robyn said...

To Anonymous who asked about chat funkeys not working. Mattel's server has been down for almost a week now, so we don't have chat capability until we can get a connection to their network again (when Master Lox stops striking!)

Anonymous said...

robyn my download of 4.5 didn't complete and i didn't get the master lox message

Anonymous said...

i've got the first version and can't get the 4.5 trunks but how do u get the other ones in between?