Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did you get the Dreamstate Daydream Oasis update yet?

I'm not getting a connection again, Master Lox has infiltrated my system again (I'm out to get him now!). However I received an email from NeonMaster over an hour ago, and the update was downloading for him.

Liam reminded me yesterday that this is a good time to make a backup copy of our game files, before this new update comes through. So, I'll pass the reminder on to you!

I hope to have a post tomorrow about Daydream Oasis. Just before Liam went to bed tonight he asked me how many days until Daydream Oasis. We expected it to occur this Friday, the 15th, so he's been counting down the days! Perhaps he'll have a nice surprise tomorrow. Of course it won't do us much good until we find a Lucky, Tank, Dyer, or the Funkey hunt begins again!

A couple hours later......I have the 3.1 update!


Blackjade said...

We should have backed are save files up? Opps i forgot to do that, and have you tried fast forwarding your computer a day are not? you can only check for updates once a day

Robyn said...

It worked! It's downloading right now.
As far as backing up files, it's just a precautionary thing to do since sometimes folks have lost their stuff after an update. It happened to us once, so now I take all measures to prevent that from happening again. That was not a good thing!

lilaq said...

robyn...please help me. im having lots of problems with my ub funkeys. i dont have the dreamstae update and neither the dot spot update. so i took chances and uninstalled ub funkeys and then reinstall it .it took many trys but them i got the upgrades but them i logged out and all my ub funkey data disappeared. i called help lines but they couldnt help me. since u probably know more than i do so can u help me.o0o0 also wen do the dreamstate characters comeout. even if i cant play ub funkeys i still wanna collect them .o also i re installed it today but i can play but all the updates arent there so i cant buy cars or play drifts, waggs and all my nightmare and chat funkeys

Robyn said...

Are you running Windows Vista as your operating system? If so, that could be part of the problem. If it's Vista then right click on the Funkey icon located on your desktop & select "run as Administrator". And that may let the updates through.
Otherwise, you can try again another day, or later after unplugging the game. OR just play around in different areas of Funkeys including Speed Racer (not sure if that will work, but I've heard of that triggering the rest of the updates.....but I really don't know about that one!)
Did you make a copy of your Funkey game files before you uninstalled the game? If so, there's still a chance that you can restore your data.

Not sure when the rest of the Dreamstate Funkeys come out, should be by the end of this month, so keep a look out anytime now!

lilaq said...

thnx robyn!! my funkeys work and i got he upgrade but lost all the data so i have to start all over. but i dont mind out of all 25 funkeys i got 19 trophies back . by the way love ur blog!!

lilaq said...

4got 2 say my new chat name is likewhoa so add me!!!

lilaq said...

yay i finally got glub on the internet at funkey and hes rare yay