Monday, August 11, 2008

UB Funkey crib with many items from Dot Spot

I'd like to share some pictures that were sent in by Eric L. of Fesno, CA. He has a Dot funkey that he bought off of Ebay, and he shared pictures of his crib and the inside of Dot Spot.

I don't want this to spoil it for everyone, and since there is at least one vote on my poll for not showing this, I'll put the picture of the crib at the bottom of the post so you can skip it if you want. But majority rules, so the picture is going up (I'll try to get larger pictures up soon)............

This next picture is Eric's crib with 6 items from Dot's mart. Can you spot them all? One of the items is from earning an "insane high score" (the answer is below).

Here is what Eric had to say about the Dot game:
Here is a picure of my crib that was made with mostly items bought from Dot's store. The air hockey table is the prize for getting blowout (a perfect score without your opponent scoring once). You also need to get a blowout score to unlock the game in your game room. I think I got the trophy with a final score of 5-1. The game works like normal air
hockey with a 2 minute time limit. Besides being able to hit the puck, you are also able to fly over it and land on top of it to grab and reposition it. The goal is to get seven goals in that timeframe. The controls are somewhat unresponsive, but the computer is a pretty easy opponent.


Anonymous said...

You have a nice Crib Liam, it's quite nice and percise, I like it and if your wondering who I am... I am the blackjade guy you met

Robyn said...

Hi Blackjade, I thought that must have been someone that knows us from here. Liam set up that crib all by himself! It took a while for him to save up for all those cones! So glad to communicate with you outside of the restrictive chat. You asked where the cones came from, I believe. Liam couldn't figure how to answer that question except to turn into I hope that worked, he found them at the Drift mart.
We liked your eyeball wallpaper in your crib! How did you get more than one pet alligator? Are those all from the drain, or a mart?

Blackjade said...

Sorry i'm not sure if my comment got through... I'm not happy agaiin to see the chat base is DOWN again. And i was asking where did he get his flower power game?

funkey said...

iv'e been in the dot spot it is so cool